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Weekend Challenge

Currently we have 5 projects that are 75% or more complete, NSW, Government Gazzettes, Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Records, Savannah Licenses and Bonds, West Yorkshire Quarter Session Orders and UK, Police Gazettes .  In order to spur these projects toward completion we will have a challenge this weekend, August 22 & 23.  The Top Keyer […]

Project Update

In the past 2 months we have indexed 104,051 image sets, completed 8 projects and released 4 new databases for searching. Projects that are 100% keyed: Illinois, Chicago and North Western Railroad, 1935-1970 (Part 2) – 2101 review image sets remaining (16,365 completed) London, England, Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records, 1828-1930 (Update) – 933 review […]

Alabama, Revolutionary War Residents…

…is our new project this week.  These are typed cards and a lot of reading is involved in finding the correct information to be keyed.  Many times the subsequent cards are referring to family members as opposed to the primary individual – if you are not certain if it pertains to the primary individual leave […]

Keying Standards

We are making some changes to the keying standards.  As many of you who have been indexing for a while know this can be a little complicated as some projects will have different instructions than others.  The main premise for the changes is to move toward more “keying as seen.” UPDATED: Periods – This little punctuation […]