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Challenge Update

Challenge #1 was a huge success with everyone participating! ūüėČ ¬†We completed 5185 image sets for a total of 92,342 records. The favored projects were Kansas Census, Victoria Police Gazettes and Chicago Railroad Employee Records. Winners: Top Keyer: Peggy S, USA Top Reviewer: Anne W, UK 100+ Drawing: Anne K & Mechele H Challenge #2 […]

Beat the Heat Challenge

As the heat of the summer has increased I am spending more time inside during the day. ¬†More time inside = more time to index! ¬†Even though some of you may be fortunate not to live in an oven during the summer you can still join us in spending some quality time inside, in front […]

Monday Musings – Keying Standards

What are the Keying Standards? ¬†Why aren’t there more standards? ¬†Do the Keying Standards supersede the project instructions? We have the keying standards so when you have a question that the project instructions do not answer you can go to the standards and hopefully have your questions answered. ¬†They also help with standard entries for […]

More from Kansas

Today we launched part 3 of the¬†Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1961. ¬†This is most similar to part 2 and has the exact same instructions – we are only keying from the “Schedule 2” records. ¬†(The first part, which took a few years to complete will be available to search next month!) If you have […]

Project Update

In the past 3 months, since the last update in March, we have completed 179,612 image sets – a lot of progress is being made. ¬†¬†We have said it many times but is always worth repeating – you are an amazing community. ¬†Thank you! Projects that are 100% keyed: Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Belfast Newsletter, […]