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Two new USHMM Projects!

This week brings us two new World Memory Project projects – Prague, Czechoslovakia, Selected Holocaust Records, 1939-1945 and Poland, Lódz Ghetto Inhabitant List, 1939-1944. The Prague, Czechoslovakia, Selected Holocaust Records, 1939-1945 project has a wide variety of records – letters, execution lists, arrest lists, prisoner lists and index cards, shootings of civilians, name lists of arrested civilians.  The records are […]


Next week I will be working at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference in Salt Lake City.  This is the first conference where we have a separate booth area for the World Archives Project and World Memory Project.  I am excited for the opportunity to talk to attendees about what we do – so […]

Months – A, B, C or 1, 2, 3?

All new projects will have instructions to key months using the 3 letter abbreviations.   We know that there may be some confusion with projects having different instructions – all of the projects will remain the way they have been – so make sure to read the month field helps so you are aware of […]

Two more new projects!

Today brings us  a nice variety of projects – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Welsh Society of Philadelphia Charity to Immigrants, 1798-1883 and New Zealand Bankruptcy Notices, 1893-1904. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Welsh Society of Philadelphia Charity to Immigrants, 1798-1883 is a smaller project with a wide variety of records.  The records  are handwritten but are generally easy to read.  If you have […]

Across the world

Today’s new projects span half the world – from West Yorkshire to New South Wales. The West Yorkshire, England, Removal and Settlement, 1627-1912 project spans close to 300 years so… there is a variety of handwriting styles, different record types, a great wealth of knowledge and something for everyone.  These records detail the movement of the poor […]