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Heading South

Our new project is the Savannah, Georgia, Registers of Free Persons of Color, 1817-1864.  These records are handwritten and although most contain the same information there is not a standard order to how the columns of information appear.  There are examples and possible column orders for when there isn’t a header for you to use to […]

More new projects from the UK

Today we have two new projects – West Yorkshire, England, School Records, 1855-1914 and West Riding, England, Wakefield Charities Coroners Notebooks, 1852-1900. West Yorkshire, England, School Records, 1855-1914 – these are records compiled for students who were admitted, committed and discharged from schools in West Yorkshire.  The records are on forms and are generally easy to read.  We have […]

New Project – West Yorkshire, England, Bastardy and Other Poor Law Offense Records

Our new project this week is the West Yorkshire, England, Bastardy and Other Poor Law Offense Records.  These records mainly cover the details of child support rulings.  This is an Average difficulty project due to the variety of formats that the records can appear in and the handwriting. If you have questions, comments or feedback regarding […]

From one side of the world to the other…

We have two new projects today – Willamette, Oregon, Death Records, 1850-2006 and USHMM – Krakow, Poland, Applications for ID Cards for Jews during World War II (Part 5). The Willamette, Oregon, Death Records, 1850-2006 records are mainly from a mortuary in the Willamette Valley.  In addition to these records there are newspaper clippings and records of death.  This […]