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Are you feeling the hairs on the back of your neck standing up?

Maybe it’s a cold wind from the North or maybe it’s because you’re walking through a cemetery, or both. Our new project this week is the Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, St Peter’s Cemetery Tombstones, 1857-2000.  I have enjoyed this project in testing as I love cemeteries.  Who doesn’t like looking at gravestones?  Who doesn’t like walking through […]

Projects Update

In March we posted a message about which projects were high priority and we listed projects that have been available for over a year.  Here are updated statistics on the projects we highlighted.   Cartes électorales de Paris et ses environs et d’autres villes françaises, 1900-1932 (France Electoral Cards)  (Now: 20.98% Then:19% – 8816 image sets) Cuyahoga County, […]

More “new” Projects!

Today brings us two projects that will be new to some but will be very familiar to anyone who has keyed in the past year. The first project is the New Zealand, City & Area Directories, 1866-1955.  Yes, there are more.  (This is Part 3 and I believe there is also a Part 4.)  The Wise’s […]

June is off to a good start…

June is a great month!  We are starting the month with three new projects which will be followed by 4 projects going LIVE throughout the month. Our new projects are, West Yorkshire, England, Prison Records,1801-1914, Georgia, Control Register of Convicts, 1817-1976 and Pennsylvania, Genealogical Scrapbooks and County Ledgers.     West Yorkshire, England, Prison Records,1801-1914 is a collection of prison […]