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Kansas, City and County Census Records – Project of the Day Challenge

The Challenge has moved south, and a little west, to Kansas – where you have keyed close to 20,000 records so far.  Reviewing is a little slower (the earlier images were not easy to read) with only three reviewers having submitted image sets so far, so it could be anyone’s game.   We have had a great […]

Projects of the Day – New York, Naturalization Originals and Delaware, Land Records

In case you are curious why we started in New York with the New York, U.S. Naturalization Records – Original Documents, 1795-1972 the main reason is that I was so excited to see this project coming so close to being completed!  And, as you know, naturalization records are a wonderful resource for researchers.  Because these are […]

Are you ready for a challenge?

I thought we could start the year off by travelling around the world with a series of Project of the Day Challenges.   The top keyer(s) and reviewer/arbitrator for each project will win a prize.*  Here is our travel, er, keying itenerary. January 27 & 28  – New York Naturalization Originals  – Review                                       Delaware, Land Records, 1677-1947 – Keying […]

World Memory Project Update

Woohoo!  Yesterday we hit a big milestone for the World Memory Project.  Over the past year you have keyed more than 1,000,000 records and completed 8 projects! Together with our partners at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, we want to give a big “Thank you” to everyone who has worked on these projects and […]

New records to key!

Today we released two new projects to key – Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978 and USHMM – Lodz, Poland, Vital Records of Jews in the Lodz Ghetto, 1939-1944.  The Kansas City and County Census records is one of the projects that is replacing the #2 voted for project in our Fall Record Challenge.  I am so […]

More UK news!

Yesterday we launched another UK project for keying, Dorset, England, Vagrant Passes, 1739-1791.  This project, as do most of the others, fascinates me as I learn a little more about history.  I did a little research to find out more about vagrant passes and it was so interesting how the less fortunate were seen almost […]

New UK records to key!

On Wednesday we released the Liverpool, United Kingdom, Crew Lists 1860-1919 to be keyed, and reviewed.  This collection contains records for ships whose home port was registered as Liverpool.  There are only two forms, Ship Information, and Crew Lists that we will be entering data from – refer to the wiki page to see examples of […]

Year End Challenge Results

I know you’ve been holding your breaths waiting for the results so I hope you see this before you pass out.  We had a great end to the year with over 1000 people keying during the challenge.  Whether you had the time to key one record or a thousand your efforts are appreciated!  And… Congratulations […]