Archives for October, 2011

50,000 records to go

Over the past few weeks I have been amazed at the efforts of our community of contributors!  With less than 9 hours to go we have about 50,000 records to key to reach 4,000,000.  That’s only 5555 records per hour.  Is that a lot? Yes, but you can do it – or come really, really close.  […]

How many new projects are there?!

Earlier today we released 10 new UK projects! There are 9 Warwickshire, England, Occupational and Quarter Session Records projects,  Boat Owners and Voter Lists,  Flax Bounty Lists, Freeholders Lists and Church Warden Account Books, Freemasons Lists, Game Keepers, Hair Powder Certificates, Jurors Lists, Printing Press Owners, & Tax Return Lists, and the Dorset Militia Lists, 1757-1799. My favorite is the Hair Powder Certificates – […]

Feedback Friday and Project of the Weekend Challenge

It’s Friday!  We’ve had a great week with our World Record Challenge.  We’re headed into a beautiful fall weekend (at least we are here in the Rockies).  We have hundreds of new contributors joining our community every week.  So, let’s make this a Feedback Friday and let’s throw another Project of the Day Weekend Challenge […]

Alabama Reference Name Files

In the next few minutes you will see the number of Arbitrate/Review image sets increase dramatically.  Why?  As we reviewed the image sets that have been completed for this project we noticed that there were some fields that weren’t keyed at all as well as fields that weren’t keyed correctly.  In order to add this information, […]