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Did You Get It?

Every other month we send out the Ancestry World Archives Project Newsletter. It is typically sent out the last week of the month. The July edition was sent out a couple of days ago via email. Did you get it? If you didn’t get this month’s newsletter, here are links to two of the articles that […]

Woohoo! New Projects to key

About an hour ago we released two new projects for keying. As you knew from this weekend’s challenge, the Dorset Crew Lists was released.  It is a collection of UK records related to ship voyages, crew members and apprentices. This is a smaller project so grab your image sets soon. The second project released is another […]

British, English or England?

The number two most popular question we get asked is, “When are we keying more British records?” Of course, being an American, I keep thinking, “We have British records available for keying. Why do they keep asking that question?” You see, I was taught that British meant anyone from the island of Great Britain, which […]

Have you ever wondered…

Have you ever wondered how to go back to the previous image, or what the check mark button is for, how to rearrange the columns, if you can copy an entry from one field to the next or how to increase the size of the data entry grid?  Or have you ever wondered why we don’t key periods, how maiden […]

Project of the Day Challenge #3

We’ve got lots of prizes to give away this week!  On Tuesday, July 12th, we invite all of you to key and review image sets from the New York Naturalization Originals project. The top three keyers and the top three reviewers for the day will all be eligibile for a prize of their choice – […]