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Yay! Two new projects have “gone Live”…

Over the past few days we have had two projects added to Ancestry for all to search.  Both Andrews and Sands were pretty large projects so they were being keyed for quite a long while…but the time was worth it since there are now 1.27+ million more records available to be searched.  With a combined total of 5966 […]

It’s The Final Countdown…

It’s been a busy summer for all of us. But, you have done amazing things. As of this morning you have keyed and arbitrated 7.4 million records since June 1st. Way to go! Our weekly challenge winners have been updated over on our Facebook page. Each of them will be contacted this week to receive […]

Keying Tool Update, Version

Just a few minutes ago we launched a new version of the keying tool that has a few items I am really excited about.  Enhanced International language pop-up (It has about twice as many characters, and has a new look.) Image sizes have been adjusted to 50% – this should keep you from having to constantly […]

New Project – Slave Owner Petitions, Washington, D.C., 1862-1863

Wow!  This project is off to a great start!  We’ve seen image sets go quickly before but this project may be in the running for the fastest keyed project to date. If you are one of the few lucky ones to download image sets please make sure to read the Special Helps in the wiki as […]

New project – California Pioneers and Immigrants

Yesterday we released a new project – California Biographical Collection, California Pioneers and Immigrants – which provides vital statistics for individuals who settled in California.  The project is simple to key, some cards are typed but many are handwritten, and the cards are all formatted similarly so the information is easy to find.  Happy keying!

Dueling Keyboards

Before I head out to the FGS conference for the rest of the week I wanted to say a quick hello and show you the latest video circulating around our office. Click here (and be sure to turn up the volume):  Dueling Keyboards We’re taking the final weeks of this competition pretty seriously.  We’re so […]

Have You Voted?

There are just a few weeks left in our big World Record Challenge.  Since June 1st you have keyed and arbitrated over 6 million records, won some prizes, and (hopefully) had some fun in the process.  I’m pretty sure we can smell the smoking keyboards all the way here in Utah!   But, we aren’t […]

Do You Miss Directories?

Over 4100 of you worked on our various city directory projects.  We know you loved them because they were typed, easy to read, and (let’s be honest) provided you with REALLY HIGH record counts.  And we thank you for your contribution in getting these five projects completed so quickly. In our World Record Challenge quest […]

July Edition: The World Record Challenge is going strong.

I hope everyone received a copy of the July Newsletter in your inbox on Saturday – but just in case you didn’t receive it you can go here to read it.  We talk about accuracy (not worrying too much about the number), the wiki (how you can add your two cents), new projects (sometimes already completed […]

World Record Challenge Update

Hopefully you are aware that we are nine weeks into our exciting World Record Challenge – to key 8 million records in three months.  Not sure what that is all about? Head over here and here to catch up.   Of course, here in the office we are also deep into summer genealogy conference season.  […]