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Scheduled Maintenance Wed. October 28

We want to let you know that the and the Ancestry World Archives Project tool will be down for about 3 hours for scheduled maintenance on early Wednesday morning beginning at 1 AM Mountain Time (that’s 3 AM ET or 7 AM GMT).  Thank you for your patience as we improve our infrastructure.

Lubeck Census, 1851 & 1857

Today we released two new projects, Lubeck Census 1851 and Lubeck Census 1857.  Knowing a little German will help as you key these projects but it isn’t necessary – knowing that kirche is church, Ortschaft is the place, Gerburt is birth (so Geburtsort is the place of birth and Geburtstag is the date of birth), […]

Do you ever wonder where to find the answers to your questions?

I know that many people read the help articles and reference the project pages for new projects that are released but I wonder how many people review the articles from time to time or notice when the field helps are updated, or know that we have help articles… We recently audited and updated our help articles so […]

Four New Projects to Key!

Yesterday we thought we would be ambitious and release four new projects, British Postal Service Appointment Books, Tax & Rent Records Perth, Scotland, Valuation Registers Perth, Scotland and Perth, Scotland, Survey of Inhabitants, 1766, 1773.  These collections, as indicated by their titles, are all UK collections. I love keying (who doesn’t?), and if I can […]

Monday Milestones: This Project Brought to You By…

Currently, there are nine active naturalization projects.  (I warned you in my last blog post that we’d be talking a lot about naturalizations this month.  We’ll move on to another record type next month – so stay with me. J)  Of those nine projects, seven of them are sponsored (or co-sponsored) by a genealogical society. […]

Did You Know…?

…that more U.S. citizens were naturalized during the months of September and October than any other month?  Turns out this was a trend across the country.  They became citizens just in time to register to vote in November.  In honor of that trend you’ll notice we’ve been focusing a little bit more on these fantastic […]

Additional U.S. Military Post project released

We were excited to release a new project yesterday!  Earlier in September we partnered with NEHGS (New England Historic Genealogical Society, the oldest genealogical organization in the U.S.) and they are sponsoring the RI, NJ, CT – Returns from US Military Posts, 1800-1916 collection.    As I was preparing for the release of this collection I keyed quite a few […]