Archives for March, 2009

New Projects!

As many of you have noticed in the past week we have added three new projects – Varmland, Sverige: Husforhorslangder, 1694-1895, Jacksonville, Florida Area City Directories, and Pavia, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Morte 1866-1937. Varmland, Sverige: Husforhorslangder, 1694-1895 is a Swedish collection so having a basic understanding of Swedish will be helpful.  When keying you […]

Tool Update – Version 155 is now live!

We have released a new version of the keying tool.  In order to update to the new tool you will need to close the tool and open it again.  You will receive a notice that there is an update to the tool and the update will start processing.  If the tool does not automatically start […]

Beta tag removed – what now?

As some of you noticed, when we launched the latest version of the tool we also removed the beta tag from the project. This is exciting news as we are now ready to open up the project to the broader community and recruit more contributors. I am sure you will share our excitement in adding […]

Keying Tool Bugs

We have discovered in the most recent version of the keying tool, released Wednesday, that there are a few items that are not functioning properly. – The highlight feature is not maintaining its settings. – Marking fields blank, Ctrl+B, will remove the information in the field after the “blank” field.  Please tab over fields that […]

New “Help Getting Started” Feature

You may have already noticed that with today’s roll we launched the new “Help Getting Started” boxes that appear throughout the keying and arbitrating steps.  These are designed to help new keyers and arbitrators learn to use the tool more quickly.   Even though this feature was designed with new contributors in mind, we chose to […]

New Version of the Keying Tool to Launch today

Please read: A new version of keying tool will launch this afternoon. We are happy to announce that we are launching a new version of the keying tool this afternoon. Some new features you will notice are: Image sets that are within 3 days of expiring will be highlighted New Getting Started Help Image sets are now […]

Free Access to World Archives Project Images Now Available!

Active contributors can now receive free access to the original images for databases keyed through the Ancestry World Archives Project!   Active contributors are participants who have keyed  more than 900 records in the last 90 days.  If you are an active contributor, you will automatically receive access to these images while you remain above 900 […]