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Upcoming Conferences

Throughout the year we will be attending various conferences, the first of which are coming up this weekend!  Many of you in the UK are likely aware of the Who Do You Think You Are? Live conference — at this conference there will be World Archives Project workshops Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you are heading to the conference make […]

Upcoming Webinar – Conquering the Challenge of Reading Handwritten Documents

As you all know reading the handwriting on documents, whether they are from this century or centuries past can be a challenge.  Join us Thursday March 19 for an hour of learning and sharing tips that will improve your skills in deciphering handwritten documents.   Session I: 6 pm GMT Session II: 8 pm EDT If […]

Project Update – Ontario, Canada Marriages Registers by Clergy, 1896-1948 and Sydney and New South Wales, Sands Street Index, 1861-1930

This week has been a busy one for our team – four new projects! The Canada Marriages Registers is a pretty straight forward collection.  There are two form types for images with data that needs to be entered, Return of Marriage and Register of Marriage.  This project has a difficulty rating of Average based on […]

Project Update – Gretna Green, Scotland, Marriage Registers

The Gretna Green Marriage Registers are a collection of scrap papers with marriage records written on them.   Many couples in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries – and today – went to Gretna Green to be married.  At the time Scotland had more liberal laws regarding marriage so it was a popular place, especially for […]

Tool Update – Version is now live!

We launched a new version of the tool this afternoon.  In this version of the tool you will notice: Field Help fixes – notably the “See Example” link is now working and will bring you to the project page. Arbitration fixes International tool fixes If the tool does not launch automatically you may need to manually launch the […]

Project Update – Slave Manifests filed at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1807-1860

For those of you residing in the U.S. you likely know that February is Black History month so this project has a timely entrance into the World Archives Project.  Although sometimes difficult to read the handwriting this project is intriguing and I find it hard to just enter one or two image sets.  There are […]

Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy – Collection Update

This past week we noticed indications of possible errors in the data being collected for the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy: Marriage and Death Records, 1870-1937 collection. We removed the collection to investigate the situation and identified a technical error that was causing data issues. We will repost the collection soon in its entirety to ensure the integrity of […]

Project Update – Northern California Naturalisation Indexes

Earlier this week we released a new project, Northern California Naturalisation indexes.  This collection is similar to other naturalisation collections but has one key difference, there is only one form type to use when keying information, General Index Card.  So although there are a variety of card types they are all categorized in the same […]

Arbitration and Project Update

We are excited that four projects have been completed and are 100% arbitrated!  These projects are now going through additional processes before making their way to the site.  There are two projects that are getting close to the end of arbitration, England and Wales, Criminal Registers and Nebraska State Census.   We would appreciate your support […]