Archives for September, 2008

Project Updates – New Project!

Yay!  We’ve added a new collection, The Marriages of the Deaf in America, 1889-1894.  This may not be what you would typically think of as marriage records so it adds an element of interest.  There are four main form types to choose from, a marriage record, husband or wife questionnaires, and a remarks form.  We […]

Keying Tool Updates

The last time you opened the tool you may have noticed that it took a little longer to load – last week we updated the tool, so when you opened the tool it went through an automatic update.  Over the past few weeks we have received a lot of great feedback, and help tickets that helped […]

Project Specific Help

After reviewing the feedback from the past few weeks we have seen questions about how to handle unique differences in specific projects, as well as how to best use the keying tool itself.  We have recently added two new articles that cover both topics to our Online Help. Project-specific tips for the World Archives Project […]

Providing feedback during our beta phase

It has been a week since we announced the Public Beta testing for the Ancestry World Archives Project and we have seen a large increase in participants and also in feedback! During this stage of the project we appreciate the time you are taking to use the tool and provide your feedback. The project is […]

Andrews Collection Update

We will be temporarily removing the Andrews Collection from the list of available projects. The collection will be removed long enough for us to make a few improvements and adjustments.   If you have image sets you have already started you are welcome to complete or cancel them and if you have sets you haven’t started […]

World Archives Project now in public beta

The World Archives Project has now moved from an invited beta phase where only invited members were able to participate, to a public beta stage where anyone can participate.  You can read about it on the main Blog here.   If you have friends or family members that you think would be interested […]

Alabama Census Project

As with all projects we are learning as we go and we appreciate all of the feedback we have received.  This is what beta testing is all about and your feedback provides us with the necessary fuel to make adjustments and changes to the software and the projects we are working on.  With the Alabama Census […]