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World Memory Project Update

It is a great week for the World Memory Project!   Yesterday we completed the Romania, Family Questionnaires for Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Victims, 1945 – just under 15,000 image sets.   And today we released two projects live to be searched on Ancestry – Poland, Jews Displaced from Biała Podlaska to Międzyrzec-Podlaski, 1942 and Palestine, Illegal Immigration from […]

World Archives Project Update

Last week we released another project Live to Ancestry,  Pennsylvania, U.S. Naturalization Originals, 1795-1930.  This is the fourth Naturalization Originals database that is now available to search because of your contributions!  In looking for our immigrant ancestors the Naturalization collections can provide a wealth of information – I know I am waiting for when the New York […]

And, if one collection wasn’t enough…the U.S., Seamen Protection Certificates, 1792-1868 also went Live today!

The Seamen Protection Certificates were issued for the protection of the sailors so their identity and nationality wouldn’t be questioned.  You can read more about the certificates here. Thank you to the 394 contributors who keyed and arbitrated these records so there are now over 77,000 names to search!

Do you remember keying the Prison Hulk Registers?

Thanks to the efforts of 442 contributors the UK, Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849 collection is now live on Ancestry to search! At the time the prisons were so full that temporary prisons were set up on decommissioned naval ships in the harbor – this temporary arrangement ended up lasting for 47 years!  […]

World Memory Project Update – More LIVE Projects!

Earlier today the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and announced that material from four Museum collections containing information on more than 30,000 victims of Nazi persecution is now available online at and can be searched at no cost.  The collections were keyed by community contributors (you!) as part of the World Memory Projectand contain […]

Naturalization Records Are Where It’s At

I love, Love, LOVE Naturalization records!  They are one of my favorite set of documents to use for genealogy research. Besides listing the birth date and place of a person, they often contain the exact date of immigration and the name of the ship (making my research into passenger lists SO much easier). Frequently, spouses are […]

Did You Help Key These Records?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I was in Washington D.C. all last week for the International Jewish Genealogy Conference.  I did seven presentations throughout the week and managed to mention you (our great community) and the Ancestry World Archives Project in most of them.  Also, the director of the United States Holocaust Memorial […]

World Memory Project Update

It’s a big week for the World Memory Project and the for the Ancestry World Archives Project community.  We published three new projects to key.  We released a new project to search.  And, we are getting ready for a busy week at the IAJGS conference in Washington D.C.  Keep reading for all of the latest […]

British, English or England?

The number two most popular question we get asked is, “When are we keying more British records?” Of course, being an American, I keep thinking, “We have British records available for keying. Why do they keep asking that question?” You see, I was taught that British meant anyone from the island of Great Britain, which […]

Good News and Good Luck

You all know that some of my favorite words are “Released to Search” – unless you’re new here, in which case, WELCOME!  And, guess what?  One of my favorite phrases is “Released to Search.”  That means that a database that was indexed by the Ancestry World Archives Project community has completed post-keying production and is […]