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The Basics About Arbitration and Review

We’ve had several thousand people join us over the last few months.  We are so excited that you have become part of our community of keying contributors.  You are doing great work! This influx of new keyers has created a unique challenge for us, however. We are getting quite the backlog in arbitration and review. […]

Just Keep Keying

I love the movie Finding Nemo. My favorite character in that movie is Dory. Maybe I love her because – just like her – I’m a little scatter-brained sometimes. Or, maybe, it’s her optimistic attitude that I identify with the most. One of my favorite scenes from that movie is this one. “When life gets […]

More Top Tips For New Keyers

Last week we posted some of our top tips for new keyers. Be sure to read those here. Today we have a few more for you. I’ll get things started. ___________________________________________________ From Crista – The dictionaries (drop down lists) are there just to give you suggestions. Using them might help you understand what you are […]

Top Tips For New Keyers

Since our announcement on Tuesday of the partnership between the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and to create the World Memory Project, hundreds of you have joined our community. Welcome! We are so glad you are here. We are so pleased to be part of a community dedicated to bringing these significant records online […]

Feedback Follow-Up

A couple of weeks ago we discussed new keyers and how best to provide them with encouragement. You had some fantastic feedback! Today I’d like to address a few of those items. One Help Resource To Rule Them All Several of you have expressed frustration that you have to hunt for help. We would like […]

Keying Quick Tips

I did quite a bit of arbitration and review today.  In light of what I saw, I offer the following tips and suggestions.  These things might help your keying going a little smoother – and improve your accuracy all at the same time. You don’t have to mark every data-less field blank.  I reviewed several […]

Published and Released

I have two favorite phrases when it comes to the Ancestry World Archives Project.  They are – PUBLISHED FOR KEYING and RELEASED TO SEARCH .  Today we have two of the former and five of the latter.  Wow! Since there’s so much going on I won’t add commentary on each of the collections.  But, I […]

New Support Email Address

We have two new items that I wanted to make sure everyone knows about.  In order of importance… We now have a new email address to contact our support team,  This email address and the Provide Feedback link (look for changes coming to this link and page in the future) will both reach our support […]

Do you ever wonder where to find the answers to your questions?

I know that many people read the help articles and reference the project pages for new projects that are released but I wonder how many people review the articles from time to time or notice when the field helps are updated, or know that we have help articles… We recently audited and updated our help articles so […]

Understanding Accuracy

We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding accuracy and wanted to let you know a little more about why we started showing the accuracy rating and about how accuracy is counted. As more contributors joined the project we were asked many times for an indicator of how well they were doing – since we all […]