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AWAP Indexing 101

With so many new contributors and many contributors returning we wanted to review some basic questions. Let’s start with what is AWAP? AWAP stands for Ancestry World Archives Project Where can I download the keying tool? Short answer  This page redirects to a page hosted by Family Tree Maker/MacKiev.  MacKiev is the company that […]

Did you know you could reorder the columns?

I recently opened a review image set and the columns didn’t match the order they were in on the image. A bit of background…  When I review I often go up and down columns vs. across the entire record.  The main reason I do this is I have found for images with large numbers of […]

When to [Blank] Fields

By Darci Crandall In todays post we will discuss when fields should be “Blanked Out” and when they shouldn’t. WHEN YOU SHOULD BLANK OUT Have you ever typed a value into a field and the box turned red? Sometimes you open a project and the boxes are red to begin with – before you’ve started […]

What Names Should I Key?

We recently added something new to the keying instructions for each *newly released* project called “What Names Should I Key?” If you have not run across one yet, take a look at an example below: What Names Should I Key? Government gazettes are like a newspaper with articles, except the articles deal with notices of various kinds put out […]

Don’t Key Crazy Things!

By Gillian Sicotte Occasionally, values get keyed into fields that are descriptive in nature, rather than strictly what is shown on the image. While it is wonderful that individuals are taking the time to make educated judgments, these judgments should not be keyed into project fields. So what should and shouldn’t be keyed into a […]

How we get the Keying Wiki

Have you ever been looking at or searching a particularly intriguing collection and wondered, “How do they get the names from these images? I wonder what goes into that?” You have? Great! In order to get that data from the images, you need instructions as to how to extract it. These instructions are provided in the […]


Minims! – by Darci Crandall One thing that I super love about indexing and arbitrating is the handwriting.  I love to look at it!  There is such character in a person’s script, and there is such a wide variety of styles.  I tend to look at it like a puzzle—Handwriting can often be challenging to decipher, […]

The Places We Can Go

If you are new to the Ancestry World Archives Project (AWAP) or have been indexing with us for many years, you may still be unfamiliar with all of the resources at your fingertips. For instance, did you know we have Keying Standards? (Some of you are already rolling your eyes…) Also, have you watched the […]

Feedback Friday and Project of the Weekend Challenge

It’s Friday!  We’ve had a great week with our World Record Challenge.  We’re headed into a beautiful fall weekend (at least we are here in the Rockies).  We have hundreds of new contributors joining our community every week.  So, let’s make this a Feedback Friday and let’s throw another Project of the Day Weekend Challenge […]

Have you ever wondered…

Have you ever wondered how to go back to the previous image, or what the check mark button is for, how to rearrange the columns, if you can copy an entry from one field to the next or how to increase the size of the data entry grid?  Or have you ever wondered why we don’t key periods, how maiden […]