Project of the Day Challenge Archive

Challenge Update

Three challenges down, many more to come! Challenge 3, Dorset QS Books, ended yesterday. We ended up completing 4995 records which is a 1000% increase over the same days in prior weeks. Keyer: Kate R, UK Reviewer: Barbara W, Arkansas During Challenge 2, California Railroad Employment Records, we completed 77,840 records which is double the records […]

Challenge 1 – American Volunteer Soldiers, Mexican War, 1846-1848

We had a great weekend with a total of 11,462 records being contributed to the American Volunteer Soldiers, Mexican War, 1846-1848 – this is a 500% increase from the previous weekend! Our challenge winners are: Keyer: Michael T, Alabama Reviewer: Jane F, Texas Thank you to everyone who keyed on this, and all of the projects, this […]

Are you up for a challenge?

Have you ever played the alphabet game?  There are many varieties of this game but the basic gist is to list or find things in alphabetical order.  We like to take road trips so we try to find signs with the letters in the alphabet, or licence plates, or objects…  The alphabet game is a […]

Here’s a look at what’s happened so far this month…

February has been a busy month and we still have a week left! I’ll start with the news that I think is the most exciting.  This month we have released 4 projects live on Ancestry!  Washington D.C., Ex-Slave Pension Correspondence and Case Files, 1892-1922 Perthshire, Scotland, Cess, Stent and Valuation Rolls, 1650-1899 USHMM: Soviet Union, Records […]

Challenge Update

There were a lot of participants yesterday when we visited France with the USHMM – Eure-et-Loir, France, Selected Holocaust Records so we had some good competition.    Congratulations to yesterday’s winners!  The top keyer was Carol, from Virginia, with 2148 records and Karen, from Nottinghamshire, was the top arbitrator with 161 image sets.* Tomorrow we are visiting […]

Challenge Winners!

It has been a busy couple of days of indexing!  I hope everyone is keeping up with all of our travels. Tomorrow we will be in France with the USHMM – Eure-et-Loir, France, Selected Holocaust Records.  These are relatively simple records to key – the records are typically typed and most of the records I have keyed […]