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Recent addition of review image sets … an explanation.

You may have noticed that the reappearance of projects we had previously “completed.”  There was an error discovered with a few of the smaller projects where not all of the review image sets were being created.  We have resolved the issue hence the increase in review image sets.  (And we have taken steps to ensure […]

Alabama Reference Name Files

In the next few minutes you will see the number of Arbitrate/Review image sets increase dramatically.  Why?  As we reviewed the image sets that have been completed for this project we noticed that there were some fields that weren’t keyed at all as well as fields that weren’t keyed correctly.  In order to add this information, […]

The Basics About Arbitration and Review

We’ve had several thousand people join us over the last few months.  We are so excited that you have become part of our community of keying contributors.  You are doing great work! This influx of new keyers has created a unique challenge for us, however. We are getting quite the backlog in arbitration and review. […]

Feedback Follow-Up

A couple of weeks ago we discussed new keyers and how best to provide them with encouragement. You had some fantastic feedback! Today I’d like to address a few of those items. One Help Resource To Rule Them All Several of you have expressed frustration that you have to hunt for help. We would like […]

Keying Quick Tips

I did quite a bit of arbitration and review today.  In light of what I saw, I offer the following tips and suggestions.  These things might help your keying going a little smoother – and improve your accuracy all at the same time. You don’t have to mark every data-less field blank.  I reviewed several […]

Key As Seen: Revisited

The end goal of an indexing project such as ours is to make records findable by those who are researching their family history.  But, the reality of the records we deal with – spellings, misspellings, abbreviations, terrible handwriting, faint and blurry images, etc. – makes it challenging to key.  And the inconsistency – record types, […]

Key As Seen

As I promised last Monday, I’ll do my best to keep today’s quality post brief.  Today’s discussion revolves around the over-riding rule of keying.  It comes up over and over in discussion with arbitrators – and, as I do more arbitration myself, I can see why.  I have become convinced that if we would all […]

Is Faster Better…Or Even Really Faster?

With the launch of the latest World Record Challenge there has been lots of chatter both here on the blog and over on our Facebook page about quality.  It seems that quite a few of you are concerned that these types of challenges encourage people to key faster and consequently, quality suffers.  I didn’t feel […]