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Is Faster Better…Or Even Really Faster?

With the launch of the latest World Record Challenge there has been lots of chatter both here on the blog and over on our Facebook page about quality.  It seems that quite a few of you are concerned that these types of challenges encourage people to key faster and consequently, quality suffers.  I didn’t feel […]

WRC: Holiday 2010 Edition

Two points.  And then an announcement. The next two months are filled with holidays of all sorts, all around the world.  While we tend to get pretty busy in the midst of it all, most of these holidays have a common theme of gratitude and giving.  (Plus, today is my birthday.  That means I love, […]

It’s A Race…

Would you really like the latest version of Family Tree Maker?  Have you always wanted your dad to take a DNA test so you can find genetic cousins and expand your family tree?  Maybe you would like to publish a little family history book or a calendar of pictures of your grandkids in time for […]

And The Winner Is…

Each. And. Every. One. Of. You. As our World Record Challenge comes to an end I am thrilled to announce that over 4800 of you keyed and arbitrated a grand total of 7,552,275 records in the past 90 days. We knew when we asked you to key 8 million records this summer that it would […]

Dueling Keyboards

Before I head out to the FGS conference for the rest of the week I wanted to say a quick hello and show you the latest video circulating around our office. Click here (and be sure to turn up the volume):  Dueling Keyboards We’re taking the final weeks of this competition pretty seriously.  We’re so […]

Have You Voted?

There are just a few weeks left in our big World Record Challenge.  Since June 1st you have keyed and arbitrated over 6 million records, won some prizes, and (hopefully) had some fun in the process.  I’m pretty sure we can smell the smoking keyboards all the way here in Utah!   But, we aren’t […]

Do You Miss Directories?

Over 4100 of you worked on our various city directory projects.  We know you loved them because they were typed, easy to read, and (let’s be honest) provided you with REALLY HIGH record counts.  And we thank you for your contribution in getting these five projects completed so quickly. In our World Record Challenge quest […]

World Record Challenge Update

Hopefully you are aware that we are nine weeks into our exciting World Record Challenge – to key 8 million records in three months.  Not sure what that is all about? Head over here and here to catch up.   Of course, here in the office we are also deep into summer genealogy conference season.  […]

Time Flies

And let me tell you – we are sure having fun!  The national holidays in both the United States and Canada this past week kept most of us here at out of the office and out and about with our families.  And now, those of us on the Ancestry World Archives team are only […]

Do You Facebook?

If you do be sure to click “Like” on our Ancestry World Archives Project community page to stay connected and informed.  This page has an up-to-date record count so you can see how we are doing with our World Record Challenge.  It also lists the current challenge of the week and the past challenge winners. […]