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How do we choose projects?

Recently the question of how we choose projects for the World Archives Project was posted on the message boards. As we review projects that have been acquired by our Content Acquisitions team we review the contractual terms and decide how it should be indexed.  A few questions we ask that would qualify the project for being […]

Updates to the Wiki

UPDATE: Things appear to be running well.  There are a few formatting issues with the widgets for each project that we will continue to work on.  If you experience difficulties please send us an email, worldarchivesproject@ancestry.com . We are currently working through updating the wiki.  You may experience slowness in articles loading and the widgets […]

UK Absent Voters Lists

Our new project this week is the UK Absent Voters Lists.  The records are typed and easy to read.  The “complexity” with this project is that we are only keying the soldiers from the Absent Voter’s List so we have to wade through all of the voter’s lists to find those records, so many image […]

Projects Update

Wow!  This is long overdue. In 2016 we indexed 405,134 image sets for a total of 15,234,403 records contributed.  Since the beginning of the year we have indexed 80,180 image sets for a total of 3,882,024 records contributed.  We completed 43 project and 57 projects were launched live on Ancestry.  What a great effort! Projects that are over a […]

Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Tax Records, 1840-1850

Maybe you all knew where Beaver County was without looking it up – I had to look it up.  (It is northwest of Pittsburgh.) The Beaver County Tax Records are handwritten records with the names of individuals and their taxable items. Since we are only keying the names this is a simple project but it […]

Oldies but Goodies

Today brings us two projects we’ve seen before. Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Belfast Newsletter (Part 3) – This project consists of keying the birth, marriage and death records from the Belfast Newsletter.  These images are large and require some perusing to locate the notices we are indexing – most images are clear but some are […]

More new projects!

Being without my regular computer for a week caused a little anxiety and a few delays – so today brings us 3 more new projects. Ireland, School Masters and Mistresses, 1826 – These records are printed and we are only keying the names of the Masters and Mistresses of the schools. This is a small […]

Calling all keyers

UPDATE: Top Keyer: Linda, USA Top Reviewer: Katherine, CA Drawing winner: Sara, USA   Challenge #3 is underway and there are no review image sets currently available but there are 20,000+ keying image sets for New South Wales, Australia, Government Gazettes, 1853-1899 (Part 3) and 30,000+ keying image sets for New South Wales, Australia, Colonial […]

Fall Challenge

Today is the first day of fall; I love to see the changing colors of the leaves!  I also welcome the cooler weather, soup season, and the imminent coming of winter.  This year we are returning to tradition and the Fall Challenge will start this weekend. If you haven’t participated in a Challenge before it […]

New USHMM project

Today, as we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the World Memory Project it is fitting to release a new project for keying.  The Kraków, Poland, Jewish Inhabitant Registration Forms, 1940 project was released this past year for high school students to key and we will be completing it.  These records document individuals who lived in […]