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Happy New Years!

2019 will definitely bring us… improved keying tool new indexing projects return of Challenges As to when this will happen, that is still uncertain.  We continue to work diligently to get to the beta stage but are not there yet. When we have a beta version of the tool an email will be sent to […]

Where do I find project instructions?

A few weeks ago we moved all project articles to the Support Center.  This change was made in conjunction with the wiki being retired. At that time we also updated the links for projects from the keying tool and the dashboard to go to those articles.  Since then we have updated the Project Instructions in the keying tool, added message […]

What is happening with the wiki?

We are working on infrastructure changes and an improved contributor experience.  As a result of these updates we will no longer be using the wiki. Over the coming weeks we will be transitioning help articles and project instructions from the wiki to the Support Center .  There will be a few growing pains as we transition but we are hoping to […]

Alabama, Surname Files, 1901-2005 – Image sets review effort

The project, Alabama, Surname Files, 1901-2005 has been available for almost 2 years.  The project has been keyed however, a lot of image sets are sitting in review.  If you’d like to participate in completing this project so we can make it available for users please review the Project Instructions and work through the available […]

USHMM – Poland, Łódź Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944 (Part 7)

Today we released the latest USHMM project.  The project is part 7 of the Łódź Ghetto Register Books.  The instructions are the same as previous parts and have similar challenges with language, record variation and handwriting. Please take the time to review the project discussion and Message boards. Thanks for all you contribute to the […]

New United Sates Holocaust Memorial Museum – Poland

Today we released USHMM – Poland, Modliborzyce Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944 for you to index.  The project is from a Ghetto in Poland and has multiple languages including Polish and German.  We have stuck with one doctype and any image with a name should be indexed.  Some records won’t have all the fields on the […]

Featured project – Bedfordshire, England, Workhouse and Poor Law Records

The project, Bedfordshire, England, Workhouse and Poor Law Records is this month’s featured project.  The project hasn’t gotten much traction and I think it’s due to the complexity.  To be prepared start by reading the Wiki and the Message Boards along with the discussion page.  The records are interesting and full of rich ancestral information.

U.S. Southern Claims Commission, Disallowed and Barred Claims, 1871-1880

The project, U.S. Southern Claims Commission, Disallowed and Barred Claims, 1871-1880 has been with the community since early 2013.  Due to how long the project is taking, we’ve decided to carve rolls off and send them to a payed indexer.  The project, once complete, will be merged back together and made available free to the […]

Fife, Scotland, Criminal Registers, 1910-1931

Today’s project, Fife, Scotland, Criminal Registers, 1910-1931   is a fun set of records.  In this project a record is every name that has a vital date available.  The variation in the registers makes it difficult to find each field however, the details in these records are interesting to look through. If you have any questions or […]

Burntisland, Scotland, Directory and Yearbook 1892

    The Burntisland, Scotland, Directory and Yearbook is a collection of municipal yearbooks from a Royal Burgh in Scotland.  The yearbook includes street and trade directories as well as advertisements, calendars, stories and articles.  The names to index are from lists with “Streets Directory” or “Trades Directory” in the header. This is a fun […]