AWAP Indexing 101

With so many new contributors and many contributors returning we wanted to review some basic questions.

Let’s start with what is AWAP?

AWAP stands for Ancestry World Archives Project

Where can I download the keying tool?

Short answer  This page redirects to a page hosted by Family Tree Maker/MacKiev.  MacKiev is the company that helped Ancestry bring the keying tool software out of the dark ages in 2019.

When I try to sign in why am I getting an error that my date and time need to be updated?

The most common reason for this error is that Ancestry is not able to authenticate your username and password. To sign in to the keying tool you need to use your username (not email) and password – if they are not entered correctly you will receive an error.

If you are certain you are using the correct username/password please send us an email,

Where can I get help?

There are three places to get help.

    1.  There are a variety of support articles you can reference.
    2. Our community!  We have an amazing community of indexers, many of whom have been indexing for 10+ years.  You can reach them by posting a message on one of the AWAP message boards.
    3.  Emailing us at

What do I do if I download an image set but am no longer interested in indexing it?

You can cancel the image set from the Select Image Set screen.

    1. Highlight the image set
    2. Click on the Cancel Image Set button on the right side of the tool.
    3. If there is not an error or difficulty with the image there is no need to enter a reason.

Why are my stats incorrect?

We are working on the reporting and statistics currently.  There are some connection issues between Ancestry and MacKiev that are being ironed out and a new reporting system set up that will correct the issues with statistics that are occurring.

For contributors who have been indexing for years your past stats may not be fully accurate due a data loss when we made the switch between the old and new keying tools.

When will the online pages be back?

This year!  We miss our pages and are looking forward to having an online presence again.

What are the Keying Standards?

The KS (Keying Standards) are general instructions for how records are indexed.  If you are not sure about entering crossed out records, entering diacritics, how to enter multiple spouses or you don’t feel that the field instructions are sufficient in your determination of how the field should be keyed refer to the KS and see if there are additional instructions for the type of field there.

What else should I know?

Every record you index will be freely searched on Ancestry.  You can find most of the live projects here.

There are discounts on for active contributors.  An active contributor indexes/reviews 900 records in 90 days.

If you have suggestions for future blog post topics you can send them to


We appreciate all of the contributions you make, in indexing, reviewing and being active on the message boards!



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