Three new projects!

From Australia, to the Ukraine, then on the UK we are traveling the globe with these new projects.

The Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices, 1841-2001 will be familiar as we have keyed similar newspaper projects in the past.  There will be some image sets without records to index – we opted for fewer images/image set so the indexing didn’t become overwhelming.  Questions can be asked on the message board or sent to

On to the Ukraine with the USHMM – Ukraine, Applications for ID for the Citizens of Stanislav, 1939-1945 records.  These records are in Ukranian and can be difficult to read – for this reason this project is advanced.  Questions can be asked on the message board or sent to

And finally we land in the UK with the West Midlands, England, Criminal Registers.  Criminal records are always fun and these are even moreso as many have images.  There are quite a few different record formats so reviewing the sample images will be helpful.  Questions can be asked on the message board or sent to

Happy indexing!


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