New USHMM – UNRRA Project ready for indexing

by Jocelyn

USHMM – UNRRA Records, China 1943-1947

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) was an international relief agency, largely dominated by the United States but representing 44 nations. Although initially restricted by its constitution to render aid only to nationals from the United Nations (the Allies), this was changed late in 1944, in response to pleas from Jewish organizations who were concerned with the fate of surviving Jews of German nationality, to also include “other persons who have been obliged to leave their country or place of origin or former residence or who have been deported therefrom by action of the enemy because of race, religion or activities’ in favor of the United Nations.”

This collection has records from the China Mission.

All instructions and sample images are found in this article.  Questions and comments can be posted on the message board.


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