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crista cowan headshotAfter attending computer camp at the age of twelve, Crista Cowan’s father gave her a special task—computerize decades of family history information. She spent years of Sunday afternoons preserving her family history. This task became a hobby, then an obsession. It lead her to private client jobs and then a career as a Corporate Genealogist here at Ancestry.

Ever wonder what it’s like to work as a professional genealogist?

Crista was recently featured in Lifehacker and offered some firsthand insight into her life as a professional genealogist. She talked about how to get started as a genealogist, what makes each genealogist different and how to advance in the field. You can read more about Crista and her job as a genealogist in this Q&A style article on Lifehacker.


Camille Penrod

Camille Penrod has been at Ancestry since June 2015 focusing her efforts on supporting the communications team. She graduated from Brigham Young University cum laude and with honors earning a B.A in Communications and minors in Business Management and Ballroom Dance. When Camille is not at work she enjoys teaching dance and playing games with family and friends from her home town. She is proud to be the granddaughter of an FBI agent and the great-great-granddaughter of a farmer who grew some of the largest apples in Utah.


  1. mark schimpf

    Lots of mistakes on the 1940 census. The old HQ was correct. sure effed up. Sent e-mail from that page. When will it be corrected.///mls

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