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This series of essays will explore IT transformation (“futurization”) as a functional discipline of the business. IT transformation has clear business purposes.


The transformational activity works to:

  • increase speed to market for the business’s products and services,
  • provide new and fulfilling career paths to IT engineers,
  • increase reliability, availability and performance of systems and
  • lower the recurring operating and investment costs in IT.


To do this, IT Transformation works to align and mature all areas of an IT function.
The areas of focus that help us to mature IT are:

  1. Thought Leaders – do you have leaders who can be multipliers, driving progress?
  2. Skills – does your staff have the leading edge skills to improve performance, deliver on commitments and develop the next-gen technology platforms your business needs?
  3. Functions – does your IT function have all the functions necessary to execute for your business?
  4. Processes – do your IT functions have simple, straightforward and automated ways to get work done and comply with business policies and regulatory requirements?
  5. Technology – do you have the right infrastructure technologies to support your business?
  6. Culture – do you have a culture that enables employees, includes them by giving responsibility and accountability, encourages openness and transparency, and promotes a collaborative architecture and design culture?


COMING SOON: Thought Leaders – What Do You Need??




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