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Last week, Ancestry interns from the Provo office gathered to participate in this summer’s Ancestry Intern Day. This day of food, networking, presentations and zip lining celebrated the program and our talented interns.

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During the intern day, a sampling of interns from different teams presented their favorite projects to Ancestry leadership and their peers.

Ancestry interns are involved in everything from email campaigns and analytics to mobile app development and UX design. In each presentation, they clearly demonstrated their internships are about doing valuable work for the company with results they can see, not about busy work or getting coffee. At Ancestry, we give interns a real-world, full-time employee experience and expect them to make contributions that will be seen and used by co-workers and customers.

In addition to getting real-world experience, UX design intern Merrilynne Harrington shared her excitement about working for a company that has a meaningful impact on its customers. She, along with many of her coworkers, finds motivation in helping people discover more about their family history.

Following the presentations and catered burritos and taco salads, Tim Sullivan, CEO; Howard Hochhauser, CFO and COO; Scott Sorensen, CTO; and Kendall Hulet, Senior VP of Product Management prompted a discussion about the internship experience at Ancestry. They applauded the valuable work of our interns and brainstormed ideas to make the program even better in the future.

At this point, the fun was just getting started. Next, the interns headed up to Sundance resort for a zip line tour over the Timpanogos Mountains. After adorning a harness, backpack and helmet each intern was ready to take the ski lift to the top of the mountain. The whole activity was ample time for interns from different teams to meet and network with each other before taking the two mile ride back down the mountain. The incredible views and speed left the group thoroughly entertained and windblown.ANcestry Intern Day +1 010ANcestry Intern Day +1 036

Now, what kind of event would it be without a little swag? As a thank you to each intern, Ancestry made sure they left adorned in a new Ancestry hoodie and with an AncestryDNA kit so they departed with a better knowledge of their history and themselves.

It was a great event and we are excited to build out the program in the future.

The Ancestry internship program has grown to include a total of 34 interns with 24 located in Provo and 10 in San Francisco. The overall goal of the Ancestry internship program is to find, mentor and hire extraordinary people. Ancestry offers intern positions in web and application development, ecommerce, data services, core services and DNA. This year the intern program also added nine new positions in marketing, public relations, product, UX, finance and analytics.

If you are interested in an internship at Ancestry please visit our careers site at to view open positions. If you don’t see the internship you want, check back in September as our Fall positions come available.



Camille Penrod

Camille Penrod has been at Ancestry since June 2015 focusing her efforts on supporting the communications team. She graduated from Brigham Young University cum laude and with honors earning a B.A in Communications and minors in Business Management and Ballroom Dance. When Camille is not at work she enjoys teaching dance and playing games with family and friends from her home town. She is proud to be the granddaughter of an FBI agent and the great-great-granddaughter of a farmer who grew some of the largest apples in Utah.

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