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Headed to SXSW Interactive? Join EVP of Product, Eric Shoup and Senior Director of Product at Tableau, Francois Ajenstat, for an engaging Core Conversation about how using big data can tell personalized stories.

Big Data is a game changer for storytelling. Too often, the data we pull is cold, factual and dehumanized. Technologies can now analyze and turn individual data points into prose and fascinating personal stories. We can bring the humanity back into the bite-sized stories we tell with data by seeking out, understanding and incorporating the inherent narratives within it. Come join the conversation to discuss how we can bring depth and meaning to massive amounts of data.

Session Details:

Session – How Using Big Data Can Tell Personalized Stories

When – Saturday, March 8 from 12:30pm -1:30pm CT

Location – Sheraton Austin, Capitol View South, 701 E 11th St

Session Hashtag– Join the conversation on Twitter #datastory.


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