Posted by Ancestry Team on December 27, 2013 in Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Technology Conferences

Over the past few years, has undergone a significant transformation within many aspects of its business. Steady growth combined with Agile adoption, continuous delivery, and improvements in technology and infrastructure, has created an organization focused on delivering value. In November, CEO, Tim Sullivan presented at DevOps conference, FlowCon about the organizations shift to Agile Development practices. It included what inspired the change in the business and some advice to other executives and senior management on what they can do to start their own transformation and increase flow. During his presentation, Sullivan also touched on how the transition to Agile practices and culture enabled greater innovation, making for a happier company.  Instead of waiting to make bulk updates, teams have the ability to make smaller changes and iterations at any time which allow them to get product and site features to market faster.


Please view the full presentation here:


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