Why AncestryDNA is the Best Last-Minute Holiday Gift

6 December 2017
by Rebecca Dalzell

For last-minute shoppers, the perfect holiday gift is something that’s thoughtful yet requires little advance planning. That can be hard to come by in the mall.

What if you could find a deeply personal, last-minute present that opens up a world of possibilities? An AncestryDNA kit is just that—and a great choice for everyone on your list.

Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Recipients Will Unwrap the Unexpected

Fragrant body lotion? Knit sweater? The latest historical tome? Yawn. We’ve all feigned excitement on Christmas morning. An AncestryDNA scores points for surprise—and mystery. Your recipient will send in a few drops of saliva to be tested, not knowing what it will reveal about her roots. Your grandmother may find that she’s more Lithuanian than Scottish, with a dash of Scandinavian, changing her understanding of herself. It’s an inherently unpredictable gift.

2. They’ll Get Inspired to Explore New Parts of the World

Over a million Americans travel to Ireland every year many visiting family or learning more about their Gaelic heritage. An AncestryDNA kit could inspire them to explore other regions as well. The testing technology will survey your genome and compare it to individuals from over 150 world regions and ethnicities, looking for places that are likely part of your past. Whether your ancestors hailed from Baja California, Saxony, or Guam, this discovery can prompt meaningful vacations all over the globe.

3. They Might Find a Swedish Cousin

An AncestryDNA kit includes more than a one-off test. By taking the AncestryDNA test, you have the opportunity to access billions of historical records and 90 million family trees, providing a rich portrait of who you are. With over 6 million people tested, AncestryDNA offers the chance to meet unknown relatives around the world. After your uncle receives the test results, he may get a message from a cousin in Sweden, discovering a side of his family he never knew existed.

4. You’ll Give a Meaningful Experience

Though it comes in a box, an AncestryDNA kit is not your typical holiday knickknack. It promises an experience that sparks self-discovery, conversation, and new connections. That’s more than you can say for a flat-screen TV. Studies show that experiences, not objects, promote happiness and a sense of well-being. Plus, the anticipation of receiving the test results is part of the fun.

5. It Will Arrive in Time for Christmas if You Order by December 19*

A small box with a test tube and instruction packet, an AncestryDNA kit is quick to wrap and easy to sneak under the tree. As your family starts speculating about what the results will reveal, they’ll never guess that you put off holiday shopping until the final week.

AncestryDNA is the perfect holiday gift. Order yours in time for Christmas* today.