Why an AncestryDNA® Kit Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

by Rebecca Dalzell

Are you looking for a unique, personal gift to give this holiday season? Something that helps someone make incredible discoveries about themselves and shows your interest in them and their journey?

With over 15 million people tested, an AncestryDNA®kit can help you discover more stories than ever. It has linked long-separated siblings and helped users uncover lost paternal lines. This wealth of information makes it the perfect present for anyone on your list.

For people who have everything

Every family has people who seem impossible to shop for. An AncestryDNA kit is one gadget even your uncle doesn’t have. With just a few drops of saliva, the testing technology will survey his genome and compare his DNA to 1,000 world regions, leading him to unexpected corners of the globe. The kit gives families something to talk about besides the football game, opening up new conversations and deepening relationships.

For college kids

Young people in your life addicted to smartphones and selfies? An AncestryDNA kit plays right into that digital self-involvement. Even a seemingly disconnected college student will be interested in DNA mapping, since the technology is cutting-edge and gets to the heart of who they are. He or she may find roots in surprising places like Northern Africa or Central and Northern Asia, while a Latin American young person might learn they have roots in Eastern Europe and Russia.

For Moms

Your mom deserves a gift as unique as she is. An AncestryDNA kit reveals that she is indeed one-of-a-kind. It’s a quick way for a busy mom to pause and reflect on who she is, taking a moment to herself for once. These discoveries can inspire her to take a trip to the homeland or try a new recipe. Doesn’t she always say that what she really wants is quality time with family? Bingo.

For family historians

If your grandmother has already dug into census and birth records, an AncestryDNA kit can help take her research to the next level. Paired with the world’s largest online family history resource, this kit helps users identify common ancestors among genetic matches. An AncestryDNA test will point to new directions for research, link her with distant cousins, and open up new stories about her relatives.

And isn’t that what the holidays are about?

AncestryDNA has the largest consumer DNA network. Who could you find? Try an AncestryDNA kit today.