What I Learned When I Got AncestryDNA for Dad

by Ancestry® Team

Ancestry® invited some favorite Instagram personalities to try AncestryDNA® kits for Father’s Day, and here’s what it turns out you can discover. You can, in their own words:

Find Out What You Really Are

“Donnie & I get asked constantly, “What are you?!”, “What are you mixed with?” Or they just blurt out guesses “Are you this…?” “Are you that!?”

Father and son.

“And nobody has guessed right yet!”

Find Long-Lost Irish Cousins

“I ended up doing a kit of my own even though I *thought* I knew exactly what I was. We were in for a quite a surprise, and a family mystery!”

Couple with son in their kitchen.

“It’s also been amazing to have connected with 3 cousins in Ireland I never knew existed.”

Realize You’re 100% of Something

“I found out I am 100% European Jewish!

Woman reviewing DNA results on her laptop.

Find the Perfect Gift

“With Father’s Day approaching, I’ve been scrambling to find the perfect gift for Jared.”

Father with two daughters.

“What do you get the guy that works 12-14 hour days every single day so you can stay home with the kids…can cook the perfect dinner every night? ”

Be Surprised at How Little Irish You Have

“I’m straight from Russia, so I never really had any thoughts about my DNA, but with James we always wondered. He always told me that he was Irish and I joked that he probably wasn’t at all.”

Father reviewing DNA results with children at kitchen table.

“When I found #AncestryDNA kit, I knew He had to do it so we would know once and for all…SURPRISE! James is only 10% Irish! So it was a huge shock for him!”

Find Out More About Your Hispanic Roots

“I’ve always wondered where I truly came from, I knew I was Colombian but didn’t know exactly where my ancestors were from.”

AncestryDNA® box on top of world map.

Share the Gift With Your Dad

“I’ve learned so much about myself from @ancestry that I was so excited to share this gift with my Dad!”

AncestryDNA® box on woman's lap.

Discover Unexpected Heritage

“I gifted him @ancestry! He’s always been curious as to what his nationalities are, can you believe he’s part French because I sure can’t… ”

Man holding phone displaying DNA test results.

“…so don’t miss out on finding out what nationalities you never thought you would be!”

Learn Your Family Origin Story Was No Myth

“Growing up, I’ve been told by so many of my family members where I come from, and I’ve always thought it wasn’t true bc EVERY PILIPIN@ claims they’re “some mix.”

Father and daughter reviewing DNA results.

“Thankfully, @ancestry gave me the opportunity to know a little bit more about my heritage, verify what my family’s told me (they weren’t lying about being Spanish! 🇪🇸), and I was able to share it with my dad, just in time for Father’s day!”

Share Your Family Story With Your Kids in a Unique Way

“Its so simple and easy and he just got the results last week! It was fun going over all the results together (via phone) and then I showed audrey on the map where all those nationalities come from.”

Father and daughter reviewing AncestryDNA® kit instructions.

“How cool is that to learn more about your background!”

What Will You Discover?

With so much to learn and share, what will you discover about your DNA story?

Find out with an AncestryDNA test.