“Twins” Born Four Years Apart

by Anis Salvesen

Mom loved to dress my sister and me alike — even though we were born four years apart.

Especially if we were sitting down, people would ask if we were twins.

My dad’s favorite answer was: “Yes, they’re twins. They were just born four years apart.”

Does Our DNA Show We’re Super Alike?

Dad jokes aside, we did grow up to look pretty similar.

We have different skin tones, as is common I think in Hispanic families, but we definitely look similar.

Facial comparison of the author and her sister.
Me (on the right) and my sister (on the left.)

And both of us get lighter hair and more freckles when we head to the beach.

Identical twins tend to have the same AncestryDNA test results. It’s not totally scientific, but we wondered if our test results would “reveal” we were “twins” after all, with very similar results.

Here’s what our AncestryDNA® tests showed:

Ethnicity estimates for the author and her sister.
My sister’s DNA results (left) and mine (right) are both about half European, half Native American.

We were pretty similar alright — both about half European, half Native American.

But I had Ireland/Scotland/Wales in my results and she did not. She had Europe West, which is Germany and France, and I did not.

I already knew that siblings can have different AncestryDNA test results, but it was so cool to see it with my sister!

The Crazy Thing About Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad took the AncestryDNA® test too. What surprised me most was the percentage of Native American in their test results.

My mom is very fair. Her mom had green eyes, her aunts blue eyes. My dad’s complexion is much darker. Maybe you can tell from this photo, I’m somewhere in between.

The author with her mother and father.
Mom’s tan in this pic but typically very fair. I can’t believe my dad is way more European than her.

I would have guessed that the darker your complexion, the more Native American (and the less European ancestry) you have. But apparently that’s not always the case!

My light-skinned mom is 60% Native American/40% European and my darker-complexioned dad is only 40% Native American — and 60% European!

What will you discover with a DNA test?

I was surprised by my AncestryDNA test results.

And I’m excited that as the test evolves, I’ll continue to get more details about who I am and where my family may have come from.

But just as importantly, taking the test with my family was a very bonding experience.

What will your DNA reveal about you and your family? Take an AncestryDNA test to find out.