What Top Publications Are Saying About AncestryDNA

11 November 2018
by Ancestry Team

AncestryDNA®is the perfect holiday gift.

From lifestyle publications to news sites, it’s been creating quite the buzz:

Business Insider

Business Insider, in a review of top products, recommended AncestryDNA®, stating,

“The AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit is the best DNA testing kit you can buy …  helping you create an amazingly accurate picture of your heritage.”


Bustle covered Ancestry’s partnership with Spotify, saying,

“… if you haven’t already taken an AncestryDNA test, you’ll want to order a kit ASAP.”


CNN published a guide to DNA at-home testing kits, noting,

“One of the most popular kits out there is Ancestry DNA.”


Mashable recommended AncestryDNA® as a great gift for parents–or yourself, stating,

“AncestryDNA is the solution to learn where you came from and who you are.”


In evaluating gift ideas for mom, Today described AncestryDNA® by saying,

“AncestryDNA will give mom a look inside her family tree and give her the chance to connect with relatives and learn more about her ancestral past.”

Whether they’re writing for Bustle or CNN, journalists agree AncestryDNA is noteworthy.

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