Together We Can Change the World: One DNA Test at a Time

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28 September 2016
by Ancestry

Asian. Black. Caucasian. Latino. The labels that define us often divide us.

But what if your DNA could change the conversation about identity and race?

One professor—and her students—are proving it can.

A Pioneer

Eleven years ago—before DNA testing was widely available—West Chester professor Anita Foeman wondered this:

Can taking a DNA test and discovering your ethnic mix change how you think about identity and race? 

By chance (or maybe fate?) her university introduced a grant for research taking a unique approach to diversity.

Anita had a light bulb moment and launched the DNA Discussion Project: she would study participants’ views on identity and race before and after taking DNA tests.

The Project Becomes a Movement

In 2006, the Project launched with just 3 people. It has since spread like wildfire.

Anita, along with her co-researcher Dr. Bessie Lawton, have now DNA tested over 2,000 students, faculty, staff – and even members of the local community.

“I’ve been a little caught off guard by how many people like it and how many people want to look at race in a positive way.”

And as the Project has grown, it’s been gaining media attention, featured in The New York Times, NPR, The Washington Post, and the BBC. 

The Stories Behind the Movement

Meet some of the inspiring students who’ve taken AncestryDNA tests as part of the DNA Discussion Project.

Amari’s Story
Blanca’s Story
Bushra’s Story
Devonte’s Story
Kimberly’s Story
Michael’s Story
Mona’s Story
Yemisi’s Story

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