The Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List

28 November 2016
by Samantha Johnson


Finding the perfect gift can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

We’ve rounded up the hottest gifts of 2016 to make everyone on your list feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Quick tip: An AncestryDNA kit, which over 7 million people have taken to reveal their ethnic origins and discover unknown cousins is perfect for anyone on your list. 


Here’s a question you may be asking: What can I buy for the technologically-minded person on my gift list—especially if I’m not very “techie” myself? To the rescue: these tech-riffic gift options.

Top Holiday Gifts for Tech Lovers


Everybody’s talking about drones (because they are: A, fun; and B, cool) and there’s no question that a drone makes a fabulous gift. They made the top tech gifts lists by TechCrunch, CNetPCMag, and the Huffington Post. If a full-sized drone is out of your gift-giving price range, consider a mini drone.


Virtual reality devices are one of the hottest tech gifts of the season, featured on holiday lists for tech lovers by Time, CNet, and TechCrunch. At the higher end the Oculus Rift will run you $599.99 but a relatively more affordable option is the Samsung Gear VR at $99.99.


A pen always makes a great gift, but a 3D printing pen takes gift-giving to the next level. These nifty gadgets were recommended for your tech loving friends by TechCrunch, Real Simple, and the Huffington Post.

AN ANCESTRYDNA TEST:  What’s more techie and cool than the latest DNA technology which tells you where your ancestors came from several thousand years ago? It gives virtual reality a runs for its money when it comes to being mind-blowing.


We all have that foodie friend who creates clever concoctions and knows 52 ways to use cilantro. Spice up the holidays for your favorite foodie with these gifts.

Top Holiday Gifts for Foodies


Your idea of spices might be limited to standbys like cinnamon and garlic powder, but foodies know that the array of spices is infinitely more expansive. This year, spices make the top foodie gifts lists for Bon AppetitThe Washington Post, and the LA Times.


Shake things up in the kitchen with a wooden salt container, which delighted the editors of RealSimple and Sunset.  It’s perfect for achieving that elusive “pinch” of salt.


Mexican mole sauces—in dazzling varieties like fire-roasted chile—are sure to inspire the imagination of the most flavor-focused foodie. It’s no wonder they were favorites in the foodie gift guides by The Washington Post and Sunset.

AN ANCESTRYDNA TEST: Actress Vanessa Williams was surprised to discover she was part Finnish. Could your foodie loved one have an ethnicity they don’t suspect?  It could inspire their next dish. 


We’ve all got friend with serious wanderlust, who always seems to be planning the next great escape. Here are this year’s hottest gift ideas for the avid traveler in your life.

Top Gifts for Travel Lovers


Anyone who’s ever tried to catch a few moments of zen on a plane can quickly tell why this gift made so many “holiday gifts for travelers” lists including Travel and Leisure, Forbes, Travel Channel, and The New York Times.


It’s clear when you picture yourself enjoying some relaxation from the breezy comfort of a colorful hammock why Sunset and Travel and Leisure would recommend this on their top gifts for travelers lists.


With the smartphone-loving traveler in mind (which let’s face it, most of us are), the Travel Channel and Travel and Leisure recommend high tech gloves that plug into a USB port for warmth and let you interact with a touch screen through the fabric.

AN ANCESTRYDNA TEST: What could be more meaningful than discovering a genetic connection to a favorite destination? Or the test results could inspire new travel plans to get in touch with newly-discovered roots.  


Head home for the holidays, and you’ll quickly discover you have many friends and family members who love gardening. One of these might be just right for the green-thumbed person on your gift list.

Top Gifts for Gardening Enthusiasts


Everybody loves succulents. They’re beautiful and easy to grow and maintain. With so many attractive options, it’s no wonder they made the list of top gifts for gardening enthusiasts from HGTV, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart.


In the dizzying maze of the spring garden, don’t let your favorite gardener lose track of what was planted in which spot. Plus plant markers add a touch of old-fashioned charm to the garden. They’re a top pick for Sunset and Martha Stewart.


Picking flowers? Gathering vegetables? Toting tools? A garden hod effectively combines practicality with pretty in a single gift that will make any gardener smile. It’s easy to see why they made the list for best gifts according to the American Horticultural Society, Sunset, and HGTV.

AN ANCESTRYDNA TEST: A gardener is always looking for inspiration to take root in the garden. Why not help them find inspiration in their very own roots?

No matter what their passion, an AncestryDNA kit is the perfect gift for your family and friends. Over 6 million people have taken the test to reveal their true ethnic origins and discover family they never knew.

AncestryDNA test perfect gift for anyone on your list


– Samantha Johnson


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