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5 Steps to The Perfect Dia de los Muertos Altar

Known in Spanish as “El Día de los Muertos,” Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico largely on November 1st and 2nd. It’s deeply rooted in tradition that goes back generations. There are many ways to show your respect for those who’ve passed, but the most common by far is to build an altar, Read More

Together We Can Change the World: One DNA Test at a Time

Asian. Black. Caucasian. Latino. The labels that define us often divide us. But what if your DNA could change the conversation about identity and race? One professor – and her students – are proving it can. A Pioneer Eleven years ago – before DNA testing was widely available – West Chester professor Anita Foeman wondered this: Read More

One Man’s Quest to Find the Names of His Enslaved Ancestors

Jason Atwater* was on a mission: to find the names of his slave ancestors. His quest led him to a bigger discovery than he imagined. An Unexpected Clue Slave record research can be difficult, as slaves were not always listed by name, but rather as property, simply by age and gender. Yet Jason was determined. Read More

What Does It Mean to Be Mexican?

Blanca is originally from Mexico City and has always identified as Mexican. But when she moved to the US at the age of 16, she realized not everyone saw her that way. To change the conversation about identity, Blanca took an AncestryDNA test as part of the DNA Discussion Project. We were fascinated and asked Read More

Can DNA Make You See Yourself Differently?

All of her life, Kimberly had wondered about her ethnic mix. She had a lot of unanswered questions before taking a DNA test. It turns out, Kimberly’s story is really unique. She shared more about her background and what drew her to take an AncestryDNA test as part of the DNA Discussion Project in a Read More

Do You Really Know Everything About Who You Are?

Yemisi thought she knew everything about her background. But an AncestryDNA test surprised her. We were excited to learn more about Yemisi’s story and what prompted her take an AncestryDNA test as part of the DNA Discussion Project. Here’s what she shared with us in a short interview: You were a little thrown by your DNA Read More

The Stories Behind the DNA Discussion Movement

At West Chester University, Dr. Anita Foeman isn’t just teaching a class. She’s leading a movement, one AncestryDNA test at a time. Meet some of her students. Amari At Amari’s predominantly white high school, people would try to define her and say she wasn’t in tune with her blackness. The stereotype was that to be more academically Read More

Were These GoT Actors Born to Play Their Roles? Ancestry Research Revealed

On Game of Thrones, lineage is powerful and perilous. Family ties can get you killed. Now in its 7th season, the show continues to reveal secrets of its characters’ identities. It turns out, the actors on the show are descended from fascinating figures themselves, according to new research from Ancestry. These GoT actors have real-life Read More

AncestryDNA Test Named Best by The Wirecutter

In a recent report by The Wirecutter, Ancestry’s DNA test was named as “the best DNA ancestry testing kit.” The New York Times-owned The Wirecutter found that Ancestry’s product is the best DNA testing service for those who want to learn more about their ethnic roots or connect with unknown relatives. AncestryDNA Stands Out Above Rivals Read More