Never Mind ‘Elizabeth’ – Royal Baby Could Be A ‘Lancelot’, ‘Boniface’ or ‘Grissel’

Royal Heritage
29 January 2013

Ancestry uncovers unique names in the royal couple’s family trees

(PROVO, Utah) – December 6, 2012– If Prince William and Kate Middleton decide to take baby-name inspiration from their forebears, the royal baby could be born a ‘Grissel’, ‘Boniface’ or even ‘Lancelot’. New research from Ancestry, the world’s largest online family history resource, reveals that while ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘John’ are the most common boys and girls names in both family trees, there are several more unusual choices the young royals could opt for.

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The royal family tree contains some most unusual names – with Boniface, Cyrian, Marmaduke, Slyvanus and Lancelot featured in the male line; while Eusebia, Honor, Thomasin, Ursula and Hyacinth appear for the females.

While much of Kate’s family tree is populated with more recognizable names, a few of her ancestors boasted interesting monikers of their own. Among the boys there is Garin, Lewen, Theophilus, Uriah and Elie, along with girls named Permelia, Albina, Edezer, Grissel and Jemima.

“In today’s celebrity culture filled with unique baby names, Kate and William may not need to look further than their own family tree for inspiration,”said Michelle Ercanbrack, Family Historian for Ancestry. “With ‘Marmaduke’, ‘Lancelot, and ‘Permelia’ among their ancestors, they could undoubtedly start an interesting new trend in 2013.”

Interesting names aren’t just for those with royal blood. See what you can find in your own family tree.

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