Left in Cardboard Boxes, Sisters Find Each Other 50 Years Later

by Ancestry®

Tammy and Liz are as close as two sisters can get. They have children who are the same age, share many interests, and even finish each other’s sentences.

But there is one detail that sets them apart from most: Their mother abandoned them both as infants, leaving them in cardboard boxes.

Fifty years later, they were finally reunited, when the results of their AncestryDNA tests showed they were related. People.com featured their story.

And after finding each other, and another sister, the sisters were able to reconnect with their birth mother and an extended family.

Of course not everyone has a long lost sister, but you can find everything from cousins you never knew about to ancestors in countries you’d never guess via AncestryDNA.

What will your DNA test uncover?