Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner Are Totally Related

by Ancestry

Did you know Jennifer Lawrence and her American Hustle costar Jeremy Renner are related? Apparently, Ms. Lawrence herself has heard about it.

The connection came up in a recent Wired interview, in which Jennifer answered the Internet’s burning questions about her.

Here are some of the things we’re all dying to know about J. Law, according to Wired and Google.

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The Answers Straight from the Star

It turned out that yes, she’s a blonde. And she “could kill somebody if they moved slowly enough.” Noted.

She’s not Hispanic (Though we do wonder: Is it possible that a DNA test might show traces of genes from the Iberian Peninsula?).

And she’s not related to Zubaida Tharwat, who’s the Egyptian film, stage and tv actress who in some pics looks incredibly like Jennifer.

A long-lost Egyptian relative would have been cool. But here’s where Jennifer gives viewers the scoop on her famous relative:

“I am actually – fun fact – related to Jeremy Renner. That is true. Somebody did an ancestry report on him and it turns out we’re like third cousins or something.”

It turns out that “somebody Jennifer referred to is us at Ancestry.

Here’s How Jennifer and Jeremy Are Related

We did the research and found out that Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner are 5th cousins, once removed, connected via an 18-century Kentucky farmer named Robert Tague.

(The “once removed” just means that Jennifer, who’s 26, is a generation younger than Jeremy, 45).


In an MTV YouTube video the day before, Jennifer revealed even more about herself. To bolster her credentials as an expert in Christmas she (sort of) shared more about her background:

“I am an elf. I got the Ancestry test done.”

Could You Be Related to J.Law?

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