Goodbye Lederhosen, Hello Kilt: How a DNA Test Changed One Man’s Identity Forever

20 December 2016
by Ancestry

Kyle always thought he was German. An AncestryDNA test changed his identity forever.

This is his incredible story.

The discovery of Scottish roots was mind-blowing for Kyle.

His last name was German. He wore lederhosen to dance in a German dance group and celebrated the holidays with German traditions.

It wasn’t until he got on Ancestry to find his German ancestors that he knew anything was wrong with his “I am German” story.

“I was really surprised that I wasn’t finding all of these Germans in my tree.”

Once he took an AncestryDNA test,  Kyle realized the incredible truth: He was not German. He was Scottish!

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.58.10 PM

His DNA test results showed 52% of his ethnic mix was from Ireland/Wales/Scotland. And the next largest part of his ethnic makeup was Scandinavia, at 28%.

Traces of his presumed German ethnicity were nowhere to be found.

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