DNA Testing for Adoptees—AncestryDNA Has the Power to Unlock the Answers in Your Story

AncestryDNA, DNA Science
19 February 2014
by Ancestry

In the past year, many of you have shared stories of how AncestryDNA has helped you find family. Some of the most moving are stories of adoptees that have connected with their birth family. Here are two powerful and touching stories that found their way to the national spotlight:

Chris Burton was simply hoping to discover his ancestors’ homelands when he took his AncestryDNA test. But when his test results came in, Chris, who was adopted at birth, learned he had a close family connection, possibly a first cousin. Would that link him to his birth family? Watch the story unfold with Katie Couric:

Mara Parker was put up for adoption the day she was born. She met her birth mother when she was 18, but still felt a gap in her life. She wanted to know her father. Armed with only his name, she spent the next 25 years looking for a man who didn’t even know she existed. Her answer finally came when she took the AncestryDNA test and was connected to her half-sister. You can watch more of the story in this clip from the Steve Harvey show:


We can’t predict what amazing discovery you’ll make with AncestryDNA. But we know that your DNA carries pieces of your family’s past not always found in historical records. It can connect you with relatives who are waiting to share parts of your story.

Discover your family story. Get your AncestryDNA test today.