Tom Bergeron: A Family Under Siege

Whenever we research the family history of a celebrity for Who Do You Think You Are? there is always the concern that there may not be adequate records to build a full family tree. Fortunately, when the assignment came to research Tom Bergeron, known to be of French Canadian ancestry, we were confident that we Read More

J. K. Rowling Finds Powerful Women in Her Family Tree

J. K. Rowling goes in search of a war hero on Who Do You Think You Are? and finds the true story of his bravery and the courageous women who held her family together. Before J. K. Rowling won international fame for creating the boy wizard Harry Potter, she was a poor single mother, struggling Read More

Bryan Cranston Uncovers Mysteries In His Family Tree

We all have mysterious ancestors in our past, even the most famous among us. Actor Bryan Cranston is no exception. With the help of Ancestry, Bryan recently traced the many dubious men in his family tree and discovered just such an ancestor: Joseph H. Cranston, his 2nd great-grandfather. Not only was his name recorded incorrectly Read More

Kelsey Grammer Researches His Grandmother’s Turbulent Family

“Now there’s all these names alive and sort of flickering in my imagination.” —Kelsey Grammer Cheers and Frasier star Kelsey Grammer grew up with his mother, sister, and mother’s parents: Grandpa Gordon and “Gam,” as he called his grandmother Evangeline. He feels his grandmother’s influence to this day, but he knows little about her—Gam never Read More

Valerie Bertinelli explores her family’s roots in Italy and England

“They really made my world a better place because of the things that they did.” —Valerie Bertinelli Actress and author Valerie Bertinelli has always identified with her father’s Italian heritage and remembers watching her “Nonni” (grandmother) cook at big family dinners. But that’s about as far back as her history goes. Now Valerie “doesn’t want Read More

Kayleen and Rachel McAdams Discover the sacrifices Their Ancestors Made

“It’s now this whole new world we have a personal connection to.” —Rachel McAdams Actress Rachel McAdams and her sister Kayleen grew up knowing their father’s large family, but their mother, Sandra Gale’s, side is more of a mystery. They start their journey with Mom’s help and a hand-drawn family tree that goes back to Read More

Who Do You Think You Are? Season 2, Episode 1 – Vanessa Williams

This week on Who Do You Think You Are? actress Vanessa Williams used military records, obituaries, and a census record from Ancestry (shown below) to find the amazing stories of ancestors who helped break down barriers and forge new ground in history. 5 Steps to Preserving Family Photos Vanessa was presented with photos of her Read More