Brother Against Brother: The Akune Brothers in World War II

The Akune family had 4 brothers who fought in World War II. But it wasn’t until the war was over that the incredible story, as detailed in records, surfaced. Though they had all fought in the same war, they had not fought on the same side. Two had fought for the U.S. and two for Read More

Pearl Harbor Remembered: Brave Survivors Return 75 Years Later

Even after 75 years, December 7, 1941, the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, remains a date that lives in infamy. Gunner’s Mate Third Class Donald Stratton survived the attack. He and another 3 of the last 5 survivors from the U.S.S. Arizona returned to Pearl Harbor for the 75th anniversary ceremonies on December Read More

6 Wild Things You Can Discover About Your Family’s Past

Ever wonder what life was like back in the old days? What was your family up to back then? Ancestry has some handy tools that let you take a quick peek into the past to uncover old family photos, precious documents, and other family history gems. Here are 6 wild things you can find out about your family’s Read More

Captain America Star Chris Evans’ Surprising Ties to the Civil War

The star of Captain America: Civil War, Chris Evans, has some surprising family ties to the U.S. Civil War. A look through Ancestry’s records shows two of his close relatives ultimately gave their lives on opposite sides of the devastating war. Confederate Connection Evans’ fourth great-grandfather (his great-great-great-great-grandfather), Daniel Cryer, served as a soldier in the Read More

7 British Firsts from World War I

War has a tendency to hasten progress and inspire invention. After all, necessity is said to be the mother of invention, and wartime is a period of prolonged, urgent necessity. The radar, the computer, duct tape, and Twinkies all owe their invention or improvement to World War II. Here’s a list of more innovations you Read More

The Surprising Roles Women Played in the Civil War

The Civil War tore the nation in two, pitted state against state and brother against brother, and led to the death of over 625,000 soldiers. But the Civil War didn’t just change the lives of men who fought in it — it transformed the lives of women, too. Women served on the battlefield in various Read More

Revealed: 1-in-3 British Naval Heroes Were Underage

Analysis of over 380,000 digitised historic naval records reveals that nearly a third of the sailors who helped Britain achieve naval supremacy in World War I were ‘underage’ volunteers. The Royal Navy Registers of Seaman’s Services, 1900-1928, now available on Ancestry, detail each sailor’s name, birthdate, birthplace, vessels served on, service number, and other service Read More

How to Find the Story of Your Civil War Ancestors

More Medal of Honor winners came from this war than any other—and more Americans lost their lives. Women disguised themselves as men to join the fight. After almost two years, black men were allowed to join the fight for freedom. These are just a few of the stories that came out of America’s bloodiest conflict. Read More