Jeanie Croasmun

Jeanie Croasmun has been working at while futilely attempting to prove the horse thief story in her family history for over seven years. During that time, she learned enough about her family to determine that the story is likely a great work of fiction. But the search continues ...

Who Knew? Maleficent Star Elle Fanning Is a Long Lost-Princess

Ancestry discovers Fanning is related to King Edward III and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton While anxiously waiting for the release of the movie Maleficent (a “Sleeping Beauty” origin story about the malevolent fairy, in case you haven’t heard), film buffs at Ancestry have discovered that Elle Fanning has more in common with the character Read More

Carrie Underwood Is Related to Another American Idol

It turns out that queen of country music Carrie Underwood is related to another American idol: Abraham Lincoln. Carrie was born and raised in Oklahoma, but her OK roots are actually fairly recent. Back in the late 1700s, she had an ancestor who had moved from Pennsylvania to Kentucky: Abraham Lincoln. This wasn’t the Abraham Read More

High School Yearbook Photos: Kings and Queens of Comedy

Steve Martin, Roseanne Barr, Carol Burnnet, Robin Williams, Molly Shannon, and John Belushi stared in these high school yearbook photos before they stared on screen. Great commedians, are they born or made? Based on these yearbook photos, it’s hard to say. Some of these kings and queens of comedy obviously got off to an early Read More

What Iconic American Food Helped America through WWII?

Happy 75th, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Or Kraft Dinner, the original name, which Canadians still use to refer to one of their adopted national dishes. Cheese manufacturer James L. Kraft first introduced the Kraft Dinner (“KD”) in a mostly yellow box in 1937. It caught on during the lingering hard times of the Great Depression Read More

“We see the Lady!”—Tales from the Immigrant Journey

The trip to America for many wasn’t an easy one. There was seasickness, less than appetizing food, crowded conditions, and the fear that when they arrived they would be turned away. But it was a life-changing journey for millions of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island and other U.S. ports. Sometimes stories of that journey Read More

Royal Babies in the Spotlight: It’s a Family Tradition

Britain is officially on baby watch. Will and Kate are preggers. Once upon a time, royal heralds in livery made regal pronouncements with pomp and trumpets. Nowadays, word of the royal pregnancy went viral so quickly, you wonder who got to William first: Kate or Twitter? A new monarch in the making has always been Read More

How Far Would You Go to Find Love?

Who needs online dating? When Davy Crockett decided he needed a new wife and mother for his children after his spouse Mary Finley died, he didn’t go far to find one. According to Crockett, “There lived in the neighbourhood, a widow lady whose husband had been killed in the war. She had two children, a Read More

Two Tons of Rocky. What’s Not to Love?

Folks in Brockton, MA, loves them some Rocky Marciano. Just last September, they got another ton—two tons to be exact—to love when a 22-foot statue of the Brockton Blockbuster was erected in town. The monument was a gift from the World Boxing Council and the unveiling timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Rocky’s Read More

Twinkies and Beer: Fun with the Grandfolks in 1940

Think you know what your grandparents were up to in 1940? Test your knowledge with this 1940 quiz. 1. Which snack favorite was not available in 1940? a. Twinkies b. Toll House cookies c. M&Ms d. Krispy Kremes 2. Which adult beverage brands got their start in 1940? a. Wild Turkey b. Jack Daniel’s Black Read More