Things You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know about Me

DSC04315.JPGThis morning Megan Smolenyak tagged me for a game that’s been circulating with online genealogy bloggers and I thought it would be fun to share some things about me that don’t typically come up in my columns (or at least that haven’t yet!).

1) I love football, and this week, I am really loving it since my beloved Bears are going to the Superbowl! Go Bears!! (I actually cried when they won yesterday.)

2) The pets in my house outnumber the humans. I am a softy when it comes to animals. Tasha is our golden retriever that we got shortly after my daughter was born. In 2000, a couple cats adopted us by camping in our backyard until we finally took them to the vet, got them cleaned up and brought them in. My husband named one Creed and the other one Pearl Jam (and now you know his taste in music). Creed won us over when he jumped up from our grill outside to the the window in our kitchen where he clung to the screen like Spiderman, meowing piteously for us to please let him in.

Next came Max, a Black Lab/Great Pyrenees mix who happened to be up for adoption at the petstore when I was innocently shopping for cat litter. He’s my big baby and follows me everywhere. And most recently, some of you might recall me talking about our Greyhound rescue, Annabelle. If you count the goldfish–Inuyasha, Kigome, and Bob Seger (I named the latter so now you know my musical tastes)–you have a pet to human ratio of eight to three.

The photo on this post is of my husband with our dogs, Max, Nanny (a foster baby who has found a permanent home), Annabelle, and Tasha.

3) I have “rules” for movies. To qualify as a good movie in my book, it must have a happy ending and main characters can’t die-even if it’s for a noble cause like saving the world. I figure if I am setting aside a couple hours to watch a movie, I want to come out of it feeling better than when I came in, not bawling my eyes out. Comedies typically get top billing with me and I can recite most Mel Brooks movies by heart.

4) I’m president of the PTA at my daughter’s school. Although I was told I was nuts (and I occasionally wonder if they’re right), I enjoy working with the other parents who are involved and am proud of the things we’ve been able to do for the kids and the school. Until I got involved, I had no idea how much PTA does for the school.

5) I love to mow the lawn and get dirty in the garden. My yard is my santuary and I love nothing better than to spend a day working in it. My husband is not allowed to touch my mower. However, I let him do the weedwhacking. I have issues with that machine! 

So there are some things about me. Seems like I got into the game late as quite a few genealogy blogs have already been tagged, but there are a few out there who I’m going to tag now: Maureen Taylor’s PhotoDetective blog, Michael Neill’s Rootdig blog, and Jamie Morningstar from the Newsroom.

I’m also tagging all of you to share five things about yourself in the comments section. This will be a fun way to get to know each other.

12 thoughts on “Things You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know about Me

  1. I’ve already divulged 5 things about myself on my blog so I won’t repeat them here. But I just have to say how nice it is to find someone else who has a must-have-happy-ending-rule about movies! Me too!

    I’m an animal lover too although I only have 2, one dog and one cat. I subscribe to the old adage, “You don’t have balance in your life until you’re adored by a dog and ignored by a cat”.

    A goldfish named Bob Seger?!!! I love it! I’ve seen Bob Seger in concert more than any other rocker… 5 times. I share your musical tastes!

  2. Do you think perhaps it is necessary to be an animal lover in order to care enough to spend hours searching for some obscure relative? We have four two footers here, my husband and myself, our son who is also my caregiver, and his signifigant other.

    The fur babies are now up to five. Two dogs, a huge Boxer, 100 pounds plus whom my husband named Rock, and a whiney obnoxious Llasa Apso. Raleigh, the Llasa whines so much we have finally come to think it is cute. Of course, I bought and named him. They are 7 and 8 yrs. old. The three cats are all “rescues” they did come from shelters, but they rescued me from the most severe depression I have ever experienced. Rikki, Remmi, and Maxx are all clowns and keep me laughing.

    I am 60 and dying. It just makes me so angry, with so much I still want and need to do. Genealogy became an interest when I first became ill and had to stop working six years ago. It has only been in the past two months that the doc’s have finally found my problem, so there is plenty of time for my attitude to change and get some positive work done here.

    I will live until I catch some viral infection, but it must be after I know for sure my great great grandfather was or wasn’t a moonshiner in the hills of Kentucky!

    Bright Blessings, Shari

  3. Juliana, Who told you, you were nuts!? If so, on you, that’s very becoming. I love your comments about you. I have been taged several times by the mail, you are talking about, and each time, the questions are slightly different. Here are five things about me. Not that anyone out there actually knows me. I was ten years old, when Pearl Harbor happened. I am originaly from Missouri, and so very proud of that fact. I am pleased, that when I visit ancestor graves, I need not drive more than a 20 mile circle from my relatives” home to go to all of them, back to six generations in three cemeteries. I am growing older by the minute, recently had a big number birthday, but you will notice, I said, “older” not old. The very first time I ever heard of the Ancestry Company, was long before PC’s. When my husband surprised me on my birthday, with a mystery novel, published by the company. I can’t remember the name, but it was super interesting, about a Genealogy detective, who solved the crime by researching the branches of the family tree, to see who might think he or she deserved a fortune. It was bought from your paper catalog, that came by regular mail. I hope you still publish a paper, regular mail catalog, not that the Ancestry shops, are not great, too, because they are. Thanks for the opportunity to “Sound-Off.” Take care, and keep yourselves, and all those handsome pets warm, in the cold, snowy weather. from one of your best fans, June Barron.

  4. I am a newbie (well sort of) to genealogy. I first started in 1997 when my son gave me the Generations Deluxe Edition Family Tree Software. I went great guns until my mother-in-law died in 1999. Now with my father-in-law gone too and me retiring I’ve gotten back into it. Oh my gosh!!! The tremendous changes in just 7 years is almost overwhelming. I’m loving it! I get started about 10 AM and before I know it its dark. I’ve learned so much from various people on

    Five things about me:
    1-Recently retired, 10-01-06.
    2-Down to just 1 dog, Zach a very overweight Mini. Pincher.
    3-I take myself to the 50 cent movies every Tuesday afternoon (love the movies, chick flicks to action packed).
    4-Love music too, all but hard rock and the symphony,(must get that from my grand-mother who was the pianist for the Penticostal Holinees Church in my home town).
    5-My closest friend and I take a day trip at least once a month.

  5. I too am from Missouri originally and am proud of it. I am a clutter collector. Every time I think about cleaning things out I can’t find much I am willing to part with. Things that my ancestors touched and handled are precious to me. Someone suggested taking pictues of the stuff and then getting rid of it. Now I still have the stuff AND the pictures (see where this is leading). I love movies with happy endings not violent and bloody ones and love to read romance novels. No pets or children but sure wish I had grandchildren. Love to go the cemeteries to find family. Happily married for 37 years to a husband who enjoys my research and listens to my stories.

  6. I live in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada at present. I was born in Halifax, NS. I have three sons, and three grandchildren and one will arrive on March 6/07. I have nine cats at present and feed about six outdoor cats. I’m not fussy on dogs though.
    I have been doing genealogy for about 20 years. Some of it came easily but of course now I’ve hit a few roadblocks But I will break through. Hopefully one of my grandchildren will show an interest in my stacks and stacks of paperwork since none of my children have. Happy hunting everyone.


  7. Love your sense of humor. I’m a recent newcomer to this. My dad left me his genealogy stuff when he died 2 years ago and actually may have managed to hook me. Some things about myself: 1- Older than 50 2- Still capable of working full-time 8-10 hrs a day 5 days a week 3- Happily married to the same person for over 25 years 4- Involved in making blankets for children (Have you heard about the Linus Project?) 5- Happy with 3 cats named Meiko, Tuppence & Marmalade.

  8. Shari, I’m so sorry about your situation. Your good attitude peeks through in spite of it. One thought came to me, though … we’re *all* dying … some of us just haven’t been diagnosed with a specific cause, nor do we have a possible time-table. Only God knows the number of our days. Hang in there, and trust Him for the help and care you need that may actually increase your time with us. With prayers and concern … and Bright Blessings right back atcha. And God bless your son. Grace

  9. Juliana-Thank you for all your work making genealogy available to “the people”. I wait all week for the journal.
    5 things
    1-Recognized the last name of one of my fourth grade students as one in lineage and was able to establish that we are 16th cousins! Scared another student’s mother when I found out her maiden name was Warren and had told her son “maybe you’re related to Joseph Warren!” We were studying the revolutionary war. Never could get her to give me any info.
    2.-Super super dog crazy. Worked with Love A Golden Rescue when we lived near St. Louis and had six dogs of my own when I fostered a mama dog and her ten puppies….17 dogs in the house!!!
    3.-Raised by parents from the Depression Era and seem to have inheirited their deeply “rooted” desire to save velveeta boxes and cottage cheese cartons.
    4. I love John Wayne movies (esp. The Quiet Man) and have a great respect to the research Louis L’amour put into his western stories. He went to the settings in his books and put people from the cemetary in as peripheral characters. Sounds like a closet genealogist to me.
    5. Have managed to train my husband to fake enthusiasm when I scream with excitement about a new genealogical find!

  10. I love the John Wayne movies also. Even though I had to be up at 0600 Monday a.m. I stayed up until 0100 watching McClintock. I sure liked the Quiet Man also. They just don’t make movies like that anymore.
    Shari, you’ll be in my prayers for sure. Keep up the genealogy as long as you. There will be someone down through the ages that will want your knowledge and will appreciate all your hard work. I had a major break through this past weekend. Ive looked and looked for my husband’s father and finally found him. At the age of 14 he was an inmate in an institution. Its a good thing my husband has a sense of humor. The rest of the family is no longer around to share my find but perhaps that’s okay also.
    Well better go for now, time to tidy the house so that it can get untidied by the cats tomorrow. Four female kittens are all in heat and have to wait two more weeks to be neutred. I can hardly wait.
    Have a good week everyone.

  11. 1. I am a die-hard Cubs/Bears fan. It has been a very long week – I work in SW Indiana with tons of Colts/Cardinals fans. UGH!
    2. I also love movies with happy endings. And what is it about John Wayne – Quiet Man, McClintock, Hatari!!!
    3. I am going to be a grandmother for the first time and am soooo excited about it.
    4. My “girls” Maggie Mae and Lucy Lou are my very close companions. Both are Maltese/Shih Tzu mix.
    5. I regret more than anything not asking more questions when I had the chance with the folks and the in-laws gone there is not a day gone by I don’t wish I could call and ask.

  12. My 5 things:

    1)Also love football and am a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan.
    2)My husband has a strict limit on pets–one of each. So we have a German Shepherd/Collie mix dog named Cheyenne and a gray and white cat named Ozzy (now you know my taste in music!)–both from animal shelters.
    3)Movie for me have to be comedies for the most part. My only exception to that is the day after Thanksgiving–when I repose on the couch, eat leftovers, and watch old movies. If there’s nothing good on the old movie channels, I have my backup–the 4 CD set of “Gone With the Wind”.
    4)I was involved with the PTA when my children were little. My proudest accomplishment during that time: doing an Avon fundraiser (I was an Avon lady at the time) and donating 100% of the profits–roughly $400–toward the building of a new playground at the elementary school.
    5)I also love to work in the garden. I don’t mind mowing, but I hate the weedeater!!! Soon it will be time to plant the early vegetables here and I can’t wait.

    Shari–you will be in my prayers. Juliana–thank you for all you do.

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