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Emil Hugo Wirch (1899-1986) and Johanna (Franz) Wendorf (1901-1996)Contributed by Jana Wirch-Wright
These are my paternal grandparents, Emil Hugo Wirch (1899-1986) and Johanna (Franz) Wendorf (1901-1996), circa 1920. The Franz and the Wirch Families were humble, hard working, farming folks who endured abject poverty and gave up land in Bessarabia, South Russia so they could immigrate to America and be part of the American Dream. My Grandparents were the first generation to be born here. This is my screen saver. It reminds me everyday what I need to do for research and why.

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Ethel Margaret Noel and Mary Ann Noel, 1926Contributed by Sarah Gallapoo
The first picture is of Ethel Margaret Noel and Mary Ann Noel just before Mary Ann died of smallpox in Dec 1926. Ethel, age ten, and Mary Ann, age five-and-a-half. Taken in 1926 at Covington, Fountain County, Indiana.
We have diaries from Nelson who writes of visiting the “picture lady” for family photos. In his diaries, he tells how he sends the kids into town in the horse and buggy to pick these pictures up. It is interesting to read about their travels throughout the county. He writes of meetings at the church where they had very loud discussions on whether or not to pave the most-traveled roads in the county.

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  1. After opening the newsletter, I usually drop to the photo section first. I was dumbstruck to see what appeared to be a picture of my daughter and hurridly looked to see who had submitted it. It is the pix of Mary Ann Noel, the unfortunate little girl who died in 1926. She is the exact replica of my daughter at same age. I would very much like to contact the submitter, Sarah Gallapoo or have her contact me so I can send her a pix of my daughter. What a coincidence. My old heart cannot take many shocks of this type.

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