Tips from the Pros: Looking for Help in the New Year?

from Loretto D. Szucs 

Are you anxious to get your research off on the right foot in the New Year? Help may be as close as your local society and now is a great time to join.

If your research interests lie elsewhere, that shouldn’t stop you. Help may come in the form of a periodical delivered via snail mail or e-mail, online conferences, discounts on research services, online classes, exclusive access to online databases, and in a variety of other ways. If you are in the area, check to see when their next meeting or conference is planned.

As an added bonus, when you are on a society membership list, you can be counted as someone with an interest in family history. When legislation arises that threatens the records we use, these membership numbers can be used to exert influence over those we vote into (or out of) office.

Check out the societies that are out there for your area of interest and see what they have to offer. You can find many societies through the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ Society Hall.

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