Ancestry Magazine Relaunches with All New Content and Design

AM_JF2007_cover Inc. has issued the following press release. Congratulations to everyone in the Publications department on the relaunch of Ancestry magazine!



Revamped Magazine Provides Family History Tips and Techniques for the Family Historian – From Beginners to Experts

PROVO, UTAH – December 13, 2006 – Ancestry Magazine, a leading family history publication, today announced its relaunch with the November/December 2006 issue, now available on newsstands. Published by, Inc., the leading online network for connecting families past and present, Ancestry Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that features captivating contributions from leading industry experts and a slew of family history how-to’s that help hone readers’ research skills and enrich the family history experience. The magazine is the offline complement to, the world’s largest online family history resource, also part of the, Inc. network.

“Our readership has evolved over the years, and the new Ancestry Magazine speaks directly to today’s family historian, providing readers of every skill set and all levels of interest with the best and most efficient ways to discover the stories of the lives of their ancestors,” said Loretto Dennis Szucs, Executive Editor of Ancestry Magazine and co-editor of The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy. “With the digital revolution, family history has quickly become one of the world’s most popular and intriguing pastimes. Millions of records are now available at the click of a mouse, and yet most of us still love the feeling of flipping through the pages of our favorite magazine. Ancestry Magazine brings both worlds together beautifully.”

The revamped Ancestry Magazine is designed to better fit the needs and changing face of today’s family historian by offering tips and tools to guide beginners and empower experts. The magazine provides fascinating insights, techniques and insider information to assist readers at every level in their ancestral quest.  The new Ancestry Magazine features include:

  • Reorganized Content – Ancestry Magazine has improved the offerings of cornerstone columns that have shaped the magazine over the years and introduced three new sections – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – to help readers learn about their past, use current technology and research techniques, and preserve their legacy for future generations.
  • New Look – The eye-catching cover design and layout reflects the new content and modern outlook of the magazine.
  • Written for the Reader – Readers now have many opportunities to get involved in shaping the content of Ancestry Magazine. The magazine features reader ideas, opinions and comments throughout the magazine.

“We are pleased to relaunch Ancestry Magazine to better connect with expanding readership and respond to growing mainstream interest,” said Tim Sullivan, President and CEO,, Inc., publisher of Ancestry Magazine. “Since 1994, family historians have looked to Ancestry Magazine as the family history source and authority. While continuing that twelve-year tradition, the magazine now clearly captures the voice of today’s reader, creating a forum for beginners and experts alike to share and learn more about the lives of their ancestors.”

With the release of six issues annually, Ancestry Magazine reaches 50,000 subscribers across the United States. The magazine is now available with a cover price of $4.95 per copy or $24.95 for a one-year subscription.

About Ancestry Magazine
Ancestry Magazine is a bi-monthly publication featuring regular contributions from recognized voices and influencers in the field of family history. The magazine has more than 50,000 paid subscribers. The publication is designed to show family historians how to bridge the gap between their own lives and the lives of their ancestors by offering tips, advice, the latest news and techniques to help the everyday genealogist discover the fascinating world of family history. 

About, Inc., Inc. is the leading online network connecting families, present and past. MyFamily’s tools, content and community empower individuals to find people most important to them – and discover and share their unique family stories. The MyFamily network includes,,,,,, and MyFamily also publishes Family Tree Maker(R), the No. 1 selling family tree software, Ancestry Magazine and over 50 book titles and numerous databases on CD-ROM. For more information on, Inc. visit
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8 thoughts on “Ancestry Magazine Relaunches with All New Content and Design

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  2. Hello My Family: I wish I could be euphoric about my experience with the magazine and/or your, but that cannot be. However, I may have learned a thing or two. I have concluded that searching for ancestors before 1860 is a real hit and miss affair and that my family was was a champion at hiding their tracts. As for the magazine, I find it dull and of little use to me. In your “HOW TO” articles, too often I cannot find what the article or sites promised, often getting “this page has expired” etc. Addmittedly
    I’m not an expert genealogist, but I was hoping to find more that I did.

  3. When my subscription to ended, I telephoned and requested to renew a subscription to your magazine only. I was informed this could not be done, I had to subscribe to in order to receive your magazine. After stating my displeasure with your markerting practices, I hung up and refused to renew any subscription.

    After several months I renewed my subscription to and Ancestory Magazine but remain very unhappy with your sales tactics.

  4. Really could do with more info. on geneology in your e-mail and magazine i.e searching pallot records and church records for U.K.. It is much harder to get personel information from British record than the states due to our privacy policies.

    Beryl Bohannon.

  5. Hi: i have been aprt of Ancestry for quite a while and find them to be very successful, i find on my husband side of the
    family and on my own as far as that goes, i hope that Ancestry
    keeps up the good work and for those who don’t then oh well.

  6. I want to try out, but after reading some peoples’ complaints about having problems cancelling if they’re not satisfied and getting billed anyway scares me off. So what’s the deal? I would think you would want to get more people to join,than scare them away~~
    Mildred Russoniello

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