“Digital Genealogist” Now Available Electronically

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a new publication from former Genealogical Computing editor, Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CG, CGL, in one of my columns. That publication, the Digital Genealogist, is now available and the first issue can be viewed free online at www.digitalgenealogist.com. The first edition of this electronic publication is free. Future editions will require a $20 subscription.

Former GC subscribers will recognize many of the authors from that publication in the Digital Genealogist and columns in this issue cover a wide range of topics–from Wiping Your Hard Drive to Family Reunion Flyers to Essential Technologies for Genealogists. There are also a number of reviews and a more in-depth article In Search of Genealogical Software.

2 thoughts on ““Digital Genealogist” Now Available Electronically

  1. I just went to the link to digitalgenealogist.com and it says the $20.00 subscription fee “begins with the first issue” while your article says the first issue is free.Am I reading something wrong?

  2. I forwarded this message on to Liz and she confirmed that the first issue is free. Click on the link at the top of the page that says, “DG is Here!” to view the current issue.

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