Ancestry Adds Stories to Member Trees

Your family history is more than just names and dates. It’s the stories and the memories that bring everyone together. Now you can share memories and stories with everyone in your family through your Ancestry Member Tree. (For more information on Member Trees, see the FAQ.)

Just go to the person you want to write about in your member tree and click on the Person tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow the prompts to upload your story from a file, or type it in. You can also attach the story to other family members in your file, so you’ll only have to enter it once. 

October is Family History Month, so take some time out to share and preserve your family stories!

5 thoughts on “Ancestry Adds Stories to Member Trees

  1. This is a good idea. In fact, I’m doing the same thing with my site, It’s free to all. We just started in January.

    Commontales is also hosting one pro-bono history: We’ve donated our services to alums, parents, teachers and staff members of the federal Head Start early education program so that they can share the successes they’ve had because of the program.

  2. Juliana,

    I must have not been paying attention when Ancestry announced the Ancestry Member Trees. In reading through the links, it looks like Ancestry now offers the ability to add stories and memories – notes if you will – to their ancestral and family data. Is it more than that?

    When was this announced to the world?

    Thanks — Randy

  3. While sorting thru papers, I found a hand written “draft” I called REFLECTIONS. It was a coincidence that I found these notes this month regarding my paternal grandmother: how she taught me to sew and crochet. I used these skills during high school years and as I got older,I made a mohair coat for myself, clothes for my children. I haven’t finished writing other memories of her and other members of my family.
    Comments by DEBT

  4. Yeah! What a great idea. Now I won’t have to repeat my family stories over and over again. Now we can just reread them or pass them on to others more easily.

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