Tell Us Your Story!

Everyone has a story around their family history and would love to hear yours!   We are anxious to hear more about why you’ve started doing family history research, what you hope to find, and what exciting discoveries (and people!) you’ve already found.

Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • What inspired you to start researching your family’s story?
  • What is the most exciting thing you’ve learned while researching your family tree?
  • How has your family history brought your family closer together?
  • Why is knowing your family’s past important to you?
  • How has using made it easier to find your family?

Send your story to [email protected].

3 thoughts on “Tell Us Your Story!

  1. I have located an old friend from the Navy (1945) who is coming to visit tomorrow. We both dated the same girl in 1946. Her name was Margie Fohring. She lived in Hempsted Long Island, NY and was 17 yrs. old at that time. Corresponding over the internet (once I found him 3 weeks ago), we’ve wondered what happened to her — did she have a good life? Is she alive? Can you help?

  2. I got started in genealogy when my father showed me his father’s naturalization paper. It had a different name on it than the marriage license from the old country. He didn’t know his father very well. But I was able to get the copies of his naturalization papers and he told me that I knew more about his father than he did. But I was never able to solve the question about the different name before my father passed. I still don’t know why my grandfather used Scsurik when he came to the US instead of Pavlina. He did state on his naturalization papers that he also went by Pavlina. And after he was naturalized he went back to using Pavlina. Sure would like some help if any one knows how to solve this problem. Thanks

  3. I became interested in my geneology at a very young age. Interestedn in my great grand parents. I know my great grandfathers name on my mothers side is Ramon Maria Aponte Alvarado. He was very special to me, his father did at a very young age, his father’s name was Ramon Aponte but not able to track him down in the records. Need to find out his mothers name and last name.
    History facinates me and always wanted to know all I can from my ancestors.

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